About this mod

Enjoy darker dungeons with more enemies and better loot! Plus better lighting in towns and along the main roads.

Permissions and credits
Ultimate Dungeon Overhaul and more
Presenting darker dungeons with more enemies and better loot.
Plus improved lighting in towns and inns.

I wanna thank everyone who took the time to endorse this.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Dragonborn update on the way..

The latest version has been cleaned with TES5Edit. This should improve stability.

I have tested UDO with Realistic Lighting Overhaul. So far, I haven't found any conflicts.

Automatic Light Switch required. Thanks to M3rvin and Cipscis for the script.

I am unsatisfied with the vanilla dungeons. I feel they aren't challenging enough and are unrealistically bright.
For example, most of the Draugr crypts and Dwemer ruins have been abandoned for centuries, yet they're all lit up.
Some dungeons are occupied by bandits or necromancers so it makes sense to find lit candles or braziers, especially
if that location is involved in a quest. Otherwise, a long abandoned dungeon shouldn't be lit up like Mardi Gras.

You will still find some lit candles in the draugr crypts that have no light radius. Those candles are part of the wall
texture, there's nothing I can do about it.


More enemies have been added and some Draugr now wear armor with slightly higher armor ratings to make
them a little tougher. I've removed and modified a truckload of lighting objects to make the dungeons darker
and (hopefully) more realistic. I edited the actual light objects like lanterns, torches, candles, etc. So be sure
to have some torches or a light spell handy.

I added some loot and replaced some loot with better items. I've also modified various treasure containers to
offer more loot. This shouldn't mess with leveled lists. I just added an item here or there and increased the
amount of gold and gems you can find.

Compatibility with lighting mods
UDO edits light objects in crypts, caves and Dwemer ruins. For those of you using mods to make nighttime darker,
I've improved lighting along the main roads, around towns and in shops, Longhouses and inns so they're not too dark.
Lights in Longhouses, shops and most houses will shut off during the day. UDO will not conflict with ENB mods.

Of course, it will likely conflict with other mods that edit the vanilla dungeons. Consult the ReadMe for
a list of affected locations. This mod may conflict with other mods that add lights to roads, towns and shops.

I welcome feedback. If there are locations you would like added or you have other suggestions,
feel free to message me. And if you enjoy this mod, please endorse.

To date, UDO affects over a hundred locations!

Overhauled Dawnguard locations.

Added proper lights to the Holds, towns and inns and at key spots along the main roads so they're not too dark at night.
Most interior lights shut off during the day. (only in towns and Inns.)

Added an optional version that does not edit chests or other containers. (latest version pending.)
Added new/improved ambushes.

Added a new barrel that periodically respawns a handful of torches. You'll find a torch barrel at the following locations:
Riften - corner of town in that little garden.
WhiteRun - behind Belathor's shop.
Markarth - outside Vlindrel Hall.

BONUS - Philter of the Phantom now has an added Fear effect. Enjoy!

Feel free to upload your own screenshots, just be sure to specify what lighting mod you're using.

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