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A simple mod that adds a Spriggan Follower. Lore friendly.

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Welcome to my very first mod! This mod will add a lore friendly Spriggan Companion to follow you on your future endeavors. :) She is found at the Alchemist's camp North from the Evergeen Grove pond. She uses a default NPC human voice that allows her to fully function as a follower. I haven't found out a way yet to make a non-speaking Spriggan. If I can figure it out, I will update this mod with an alternate non-speaking version. For now, it's 'complete' as its purpose is to be simple, straightforward and give a much requested Spriggan Follower option!

There is a Journal located on the tree stump near the fire with a little background information on Kriju's past and how she came to be.

Considering this is my first time working with SCK and compiling a mod, I'd love to hear if you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for improvements and/or future mods.

NOTE; If you have issues with follower horseback riding, please update to the newest version 1.0.1. See changelog below.

There are multiple files you can download. Download and install only ONE. The alternate versions boost the Spriggan's speed from 100 to 300 so she can keep up with horseback riding. Because this requires a static level, she can't level up with the player. I have therefore included 3 different levels: 1, 25 and 50.
If you want to make use of her speed boost choose one of these leveled alternate versions instead of the default main file. Remember, the default main file allows her to level with you, but her speed will be the same as a dog's.

Download and extract the file using Winrar or similar software.
Copy the SprigganFollower.esp into your Skyrim\Data folder.

Open the launcher, click on Data Files and make sure SprigganFollower.esp is checked.

I don't believe the loading order matters for this file. If you experience otherwise, let me know.

None other than Skyrim.

UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul (for more follower options)

- Compatible with UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul (and likely most other companion mods)

- No known conflicts.

- Changed ActorType for entire Spriggan Race back to Creature. Tutorial I had used suggested to change to NPC, but this caused problems with mods that allowed followers to mount horses. Kriju would try to ride horseback unsuccessfully and no longer followed the player.
- Changed Kriju's speed from 100 to 300 to allow for smoother pacing when used in combination with horseback riding.

Thanks to General Varus II on Nexusmods for being an amazingly supportive friend and instructor. I wouldn't have been able to create this simple mod without him.