Niphriel - A Wood Elf Necro Ranger Follower by LazyAltmer
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Niphriel is a very capable (but not OP) wood elf Necro Ranger follower.

What is a "necro ranger?": besides being good with a bow and one-handed weapons, she reanimates the dead and even summons a piece of her own soul in the form of a copy - an "echo" - of herself.

Specifically, she has powerful reanimate abilities, and can also summon an undead echo of herself for 30 seconds.

  • She has a custom class and combat style.
  • Numerous perks in her skillsets (one-handed, archery, conjuration, block, light armor)
  • She is marked essential.
  • Levels with the player from 3 to 100

And you thought she was just a pretty face....

Where Do I Find Her?
She can be found wandering around at Sleeping Tree Giant Camp, west of Fort Greymoor.

See "Latest Version" and "Changelog" link above.

Download with NMM. Activate in NMM.

Dismiss follower.
Deactivate in NMM.

No known issues.
Uses only vanilla assets.
Recommended mod: UFO-Ultimate Follower Overhaul


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