Mod articles

  • Immersive Armors v7 Update
    I'm Eckss.
    I'm one of Hothtrooper44's co-authors on Immersive Weapons and the Author of Guard Dialogue Overhaul. I'm the one that's responsible for adding what Hoth was kind enough to call, 'all that sexiness' to the upcoming Immersive Armors v7.

    I thought I'd write this article to let people know what's coming in v7, now that testing has begun on the project.

    My goals while working on Hoth's pride and joy were:

    Take as much of the workload as I could from Hoth so he could concentrate on the Artistic side of things, which I know is what you all actually want.
    Test potential new Armors & Identify issues that need to be sorted out before inclusion.

  • Immersive Armors v6 BETA testers needed.
    I am currently uploading a v6 BETA release. It will be located under the optional files section of Immersive Armors. Do not use SkyRe support with the BETA yet. I want THOROUGH, DETAILED testing of every set, and testing of the item spawning frequency on NPCs from level 1-50. Not every tester needs to do everything, but I need everything tested.

    Things to look for in testing:
    Full racial and gender compatibility of all items in this pack.
    Ground models for every item in this pack.
    All crafting recipes now exist under the custom made "Auxiliary Armors" section of the forge.
    Full item compatibility with every other item in the game, from vanilla and this pack.
    More frequent item appearance on NPCs.

  • Immersive Armors - To lore friendly armor authors

    Hey guys, hothtrooper44 here. Recently there have been a number of requests from the users of Immersive Armors to include armor sets made by other authors into the mod. I wanted to take the time to write an article stating my stance on this for those users and other authors alike.

    I am happy to include lore friendly armor sets made by other authors into this mod. However, I do not want go seeking out people to ask, as it is their work and I do not want anyone to feel pressured to allow their work to be included into other mods unless that is their wish. If you are an author of lore friendly armors (or weapons too!) feel free to contact me about having your set/sets included into this mod. If everything goes well, I will do all...