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Make some NPCs with older faces have bodies that match

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  • Spanish

NOTICE: I am no longer maintaining or supporting Legendary Edition mods. Mods that I have ported to Special Edition, such as this one, will only be supported and maintained from now on.
This mod is also available for Skyrim Special Edition

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away...”[/i] ― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man
Rest in Peace, Terry. Thank you for the joy you brought me and others in the last 30 years.

Now available in Spanish!

Update 2016-09-19, version 3.1a. Update for USLEEP compatibility.

First, a necessary bit of boilerplate. The Nexus is the only legitimate location where you should find this mod. If you find it in any other location, particularly if that location has required you to pay to be able to download the mod, be aware that someone who isn't me is providing unauthorised (that is, pirated) and unsupported goods and you should avoid them. It might be nice to tell me about it too :)

And now, about the mod itself. Have you noticed that some NPCs are clearly meant to be elderly if you look at their faces, but their bodies seem to be more appropriate for a younger person? Furthermore, this is not consistent - some older NPCs have bodies and faces that match.

Now, this may or may not bother you, but the visual disparity annoys me. What most people might have done is make the fake-old NPCs younger. Instead, I reckoned that generally the NPCs are supposed to be the age their faces look, so decided to make their bodies match their faces.

Versions 1.1 and later are much more compatible with other mods, as I've been able to use TESVGecko and TES5Edit to get rid of the race edits, leaving just the NPC edits. This also makes the plugin much, much smaller.

I keep this mod synchronised with the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP), but do not require that you use USLEEP. As of version 3.1 this means that there are USLEEP and non-USLEEP variants of this mod - please make sure you use the version appropriate for your load order.

NOTE: This mod is completely agnostic about body mesh and texture replacer mods such as CBBE/UNP/Sundracon/FavoredSoul/SoS/Whatever. It contains no body mesh or texture replacers itself, it just applies whatever textures are being used for old people in your game to more of the NPCs. If you are seeing issues (ankle seams with UNP seems to be a popular one) then this mod is not the cause - what is happening is that whatever body mod you are using already has problems with older people, it's just that with this mod those problems are more noticable because more NPCs are using the older person body textures.

Release History

2012-07-01, 1.0 - Initial release.
2012-09-30, 1.1 - Remove race edits. Remove Brina Merelis from list of edited NPCs for compatability with Diverse Muscle Tones.
2012-10-27, 1.2 - Redone race edit removal with TES5Edit (TESVGecko had left the header in a slightly inconsistent state).
2012-11-03, 1.3 - Incorporate USKP changes, so this mod no longer undoes USKP fixes.
2013-03-03, 1.4 - Bring up-to-date against latest UKSP, add Silda the Unseen.
2013-03-17, 1.4RT - Realistic Teeth variants.
2013-04-21, 1.5 - Minor tweaks, add Bring Out Your Dead compatability patch.
2013-07-21, 1.6 - USKP realignment update (remove Isabelle Rolaine, tweak Gerda).
2013-10-29, 1.7 - Re-implement BOYD compatibility by producing alternate versions of the main plugin in order to conserve load-order slots.
2013-11-21, 1.8 - Add Cutting Room Floor compatibility, allow assets to be installed as loose files.
2014-03-03, 1.9 - USKP and BOYD alignment update.
2014-04-26, 2.0 - Add Runil in Falkreath. He describes himself as a frail old man, but didn't really look it. Now he does.
2014-05-17, 2.1 - Synchronisation update for USKP 2.0.4 and BOYD 1.2.5
2014-07-07, 2.2 - FIx some minor errors in some of the plugins.
2014-09-06, 2.2a - Synchronise with CRF update.
2014-10-27, 3.0 - Major update, reduce number of affected NPCs, remove need for CRF compatibility.
2015-06-28, 3.0a - Remove a couple of unnecessary edits that came to light while checking for USKP compatibility.
2016-08-05, 3.1 - Update for latest version of USLEEP.
2016-09-19, 3.1a - Update for the latest version of USLEEP.
2016-12-17, 3.1b - Update for the USLEEP 3.0.7 (apologies for the delay).