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Added: 01/07/2012 - 02:51PM
Updated: 27/01/2013 - 12:40PM

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Last updated at 12:40, 27 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 14:51, 1 Jul 2012

Blood on your face - big disgrace !

-NEW in v2.2-


- Lighter blood textures with more transparencies.
- Undead fix.
- Slight script optimisation.

NOTE: If manually upgrading be sure to remove all the old posh* textures first else you won't see the new ones.

OK, so I have finally managed to post an update. Blood textures should be redder now, although in some lighting situations they may look a bit like ketchup (!). Sorry, that's just the way the shaders work.

Also, I have been told off for advocating a "clean save" for upgrading BF - I now understand that such a thing doesn't really exist. Just a straight upgrade in NMM should be fine if upgrading. First time users just install with NMM or drop the .esp and .bsa file in your Data directory. See readme for more details.

-NEW in v2.1-

- Fixed Helgen freezing bug
- Fixed other vampire & animation issues

Bloody Facials starts up DEACTIVATED. You need to read the book given in your inventory to initialize it. You can also re-read book to deactivate the mod. A copy of Bloody Facials can also be found in the RIVERWOOD TRADER.

Also, slight change in mod functionality. Now, player/NPCs get sprayed if they hit an enemy, rather than if they are hit by the enemy. This seemed to make more sense somehow, simulating a blood spray from a severed artery (or something similar).

-NEW in v2.0-

Code re-write to solve problem with friendly/ally NPCs from getting mediaeval on your ass (i.e. attacking you) for no apparent reason. This was due to previous implementation of hidden cloak spell which NPCs sometimes interpreted as an aggressive act.

Added some new, higher-res (1024 x 1024) textures which should look sharper & darker in all situations.

Base chance of a blood spray is now set lower to 10% for more immersion. Power attacks and sneak attacks have base blood spray chance of 30%.

If upgrading from an older version, perform a CLEAN SAVE to avoid problems.

-NEW in v1.6-

Added some blood drips! In cases of extreme bloodiness characters will drip blood. Also, fixed a bug so that characters will not get bloodied on a successful block and tweaked probability of blood slightly for more immersion. If upgrading from an older version, perform a CLEAN SAVE to avoid problems.

-NEW in v1.5-

Verified & resolved Vilkas bug in Companions storyline. Changed code to reduce (remove?) rapid change between blood shaders. Compressed some uncompressed textures. Clean save / reinstall recommended if upgrading from earlier versions.

-NEW in v1.4-

Brawl bug should now be fixed. Added some new textures, some of which have been mixed up with the wonderful work of MuteDivinity from Crimson Tide. Since there are some script changes which are then applied to NPCs, a clean save is highly recommended !



Nice mods like Crimson Tide, Enhanced Blood Textures and Bloodier Combat can get you all bloody after a morning's casual slaughter, but the blood doesn't stick on your face due to the way Bethesda implement the fight-decals.

This mod fixes that by applying some blood shaders to the player AND any NPCs (including monsters) during combat. You have a 10% base chance of being face/body splattered in a fight now. You'll be given a book "Bloody Facials" that will activate/deactivate the mod. The book can also be found at the Riverwood Trader. There are no adverse effects other than an increased laundry bill.

The blood effects have a random lifetime 1-10 Earth minutes, and will persist over save games and area transitions.

If you look closely, you should also notice that the blood animates - there is a slow "drip" down the face/body. Also, in extremely bloody situations blood will drip off your body.

Clean it off!

Works very nicely with W.A.T.E.R. if you are also running "Get Wet". In this case, if you are bloodied up you can dive into some water to clean it off.

For a truly bloody experience ...

For utter gore , I recommend:

Crimson Tide :

OR (i.e. not both)

Enhanced Blood Textures :


Bloodier Combat :

If you like it ...

If you like this mod, please endorse :-)


Strongly recommend the Nexus Mod Manager for installing / uninstalling. It makes everything so much easier. Load order shouldn't matter, but let BOSS sort it out anyway.


Uninstall with mod manager or uncheck Bloody Facials.esp and delete posh* textures and scripts.

Mod Conflicts

Non expected, although any shader effects subsequently applied to the player/NPC will affect the blood effects.