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A female only light armor built from various armor mods, for CBBE body.

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Updated to version 1.21 - now with weight slider support and a helmet.
There is an issue where the helmet is not properly displayed in v1.2 - please download either an update or the full version.

UNP Version is out! Huge thanks to asianboy345. Grab it here.

A female armor for the CBBE body made with pieces from various armor mods, Schwertleite comes with a one-handed longsword and a shield of a similar design scheme. The name, Schwertleite, was taken from Wagner's opera Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), one of the Walkure (Valkyrie) to be specific.

This mod is actually a conversion of my previous mod for Oblivion, Schwertleite Armor for HGEC.

The armor is classified as light armor and is craftable. Stats are roughly twice as better than Glass gear with half the weight. Unlike the Oblivion version none of the gear is enchanted this time, since most people seem to prefer to enchant their gear themselves in Skyrim (I may add an optional ESP for an enchanted version later on though).

There is no spawn/loot for the set; craftable only. You will need Ebony Smithing and two types of ingots, Ebony Ingot and Quicksilver Ingot for each part. Same materials are needed for upgrading each piece.

v1.2 (2012/7/5)
- Added a helmet that works much like a circlet; will not replace hair / face.
- Better weight slider support for smaller body size.
- Fixed the breastplate's clipping issue with the waist area.

v1.1 (2012/7/4)
- Weight slider support.
- Textures are a tad bit brighter (not as much as the optional graphite version).
- Fixed the breastplate's stripes that were slightly distorted.
- Fixed the skirt's clipping issue showing skin in sneak mode.
- Fixed the sword's blood decal not showing properly.

Optional ESPs (2012/7/4)
Four versions are provided.
- Original: The original ESP, in case you wish to restore to the original.
- Glass Smithing: Ebony smithing requirement replaced to glass.
- Heavy Armor: Game recognizes the entire set as heavy armor.
- Enchanted: This is for users who have difficulties with the game only. Created on purpose to be overpowered. OVER NINE THOUSANDDDDD

v1.0 (2012/6/30)
- Initial version.

Special thanks to the following authors of the original armor mods used:
- Hentai (aka zotman12), Dark Rose set / Serenity / Plate of the Shadow
- jimsonzgl, Night Knight Armor
- McMuffin, Daedric Lord Armor
- Skeleton K, NightShade Armor
- SpeedBuster, AT2 02-Shiki Armor

Also to Bethesda Softworks for their amazing game, and Caliente for the body mod.

You are free to edit and redistribute this mod as long as it is not used for commercial use. You do not need my permission to convert it to a smaller body size or other body types. Actually I encourage doing so since I have no intentions of doing the task myself.

Thanks to Brodual, Saiodin, and sval for the video review of Schwertleite Armor!
(Just in case you are wondering, my nick - XiNAVRO - is pronounced "see-nah-bro")


CHARACTER'S FACE: Due to an overwhelming amount of inquiries through the comment section and my personal message box nearly flooding with release requests, I would like to state what mods I have used to create my character shown in screenshots, Selene Aznable, as a guideline. Note that I still have no intentions to release the character as a separate save file or companion mod - please understand that I do feel grateful that a lot of people like my creation, but being a player myself I do not feel comfortable about others playing with my character.

Race: The Ashen Race
Face: Univision Face
Head: RAN's HeadMesh Variants Type D
Morph: RAN's CharGen Morph
Hair: Hair Packs of Fallout 3
Body: CBBE v3.1 Normal Edition
Normal map: CBBE Fitness Body

Note that I did make some personal changes on the facial texture and the body texture as well as the normal map, makeup tone map, eyelashes and eye texture as well. I used one of the eyes that came with the Ashen Race mod and changed the golden eye texture to crimson red.