Blue Jeans Plus Volume 3 by Andrew Clements and Nancy Krantz
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Added: 29/06/2012 - 11:58PM
Updated: 30/06/2012 - 12:07AM

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Last updated at 0:07, 30 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 23:58, 29 Jun 2012

Blue Jeans, T-shirts, Singlets, Leather Jackets, Sneakers, Sunglasses (for males) Volume 3

This mod adds blue jeans, t-shirts, singlets (muscle shirts/a-shirts), leather jackets, sneakers, sunglasses, and a couple of bonuses to the game for males. A new shop in Solitude called "Canuck Imports" with its own shopkeeper, "Stephen", (who is not quite as arrogant as Endarie at Radiant Raiments) has been created to accommodate these items. Journey to Solitude and the shop entrance is across from the market stall area next to the ramp leading to the blacksmith. Look for the red maple leaf.

This mod replaces and adds to the earlier volumes of blue jeans and t-shirts.

NOTE: Singlets are called many things. We call them muscle shirts; But I have heard them called: "Tank tops", "A-shirts", "Vests", "Wife beaters", and just "sleeveless shirts".

1. This is not an immersion-friendly mod.
2. This is a male-only mod. There is already enough female material. And a lot of players will enjoy some attention given the male character.
3. This mod is not tested on the Khajiit or Argonian character models.

The clothing items and sunglasses carry no enhancements or enchantments. The sneakers make you run faster. The unique keris is a powerful weapon with a enemy-life-draining enchantment. The knick-knacks have various minor attributes.


V. 3.0
Added sneakers of two colours.
Added leather jackets of two colours.
Added keris weapon and colourful gay weapon.
Added untucked tshirts and longer jeans.
Added sunglasses of five colours.
Added a few knick-knacks.
Added a new shop "Canuck Imports" to improve compatibility with any other mods that might affect other vanilla shops.
Fixed some more vertex problems (like the splitting jeans while swimming).
Fixed some more bone-weighting problems.

V. 2.0
Added singlets of various colours.
Repaired some mesh and vertex errors.
Correct some bone-weight errors.
Adjusted the alpha and normal maps some.
Reduced brightness of shirt colours.


Unknown at this time. Anything that modifies the male body may be a prime suspect though.


To install:
Unpack the .7z file with "7-zip" or a similar programme.

Copy and paste the contents of the mod's data folder into your "...skyrim/data/" folder.

Or, alternatively, a compliant mod manager can be used.

Enable "bluejeans.esp" in the launcher.

NOTE: If u have either of the earlier blue jeans and t-shirts mods installed, installing this mod will overwrite the old files with the new and/or corrected ones. Just choose "yes" when it prompts if you want to merge and/or replace.

To uninstall:
Delete the files installed in the above procedure from your "...skyrim/data/" folder. Or use your mod manager if it supports uninstalling.


Nancy Krantz...modelling, texturing and "Stephen".
Andrew Clements...skinning, export and Nifskope/creation kit work.
Travis Moran...some building materials (appropriated from an earlier mod)., creation kit, commitment to great gaming.
At least a hundred wise forum participants from whom I have gathered massive amounts of knowledge.

Anyone is welcome to use all or any part of this mod however they would like. No credits or permissions are needed.