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This is my version of Scholomance (World of Warcraft) using the Skyrim creation kit.

I have tried to stay as close as possible to the original and the most of my time was spent building the environment.

Although I've had multiple players test out the various encounters, it is impossible to test all combinations of playstyles (Magic users beware!).


- To get to the dungeon you must first go to Markarth.
- Enter through the main gate.
- Once inside, move along the path to the left past the cliff.
- The entrance to Markarth Emporium is on the right (Pictured in screenshots).
- The Entrance to Scholomance is inside the Emporium.

Known bugs/Issues:

- A rare crash when entering the Ossuary for the first time. Certain crash when entering for a second time (Only enter and exit the Ossuary once!)

- When you enter a room, look around before moving as mobs are pulled easily.

- Ras Frostwhisper is not levelled so might be tougher than other bosses. (Not necessary to complete the dungeon)

- Darkmaster Gandling should spawn in the Headmasters Study after you kill Alexi Barov, If he doesn't then you may have to use the console to unlock the exit.

A lot of you have asked if I'll be remaking another dungeon. I'd love to if enough people want me to so I've made a poll:

Thanks for voting! I'll make a start on whichever dungeon has the most votes on monday.