Alternative quest end Lights Out after first killing leader Broken Oar Grotto by bruce142
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Ever did the job for Ahtar (the headsman of solitude) first before you did the job for Jaree-Ra (Lights Out!)? If you have, you probably found Hargar's Journal and discovered the scheme Jaree-Ra wants to pull on you. Isn't it strange that even if you have the journal in your possession the dialogue lines of Jaree-Ra still remains the same, rendering having Hargar's Journal completely useless (you could leave it on the table where you found it, it makes no difference at all). Well not anymore, this mod add a dialogue sequence if you have Hargar's Journal on you (or if you managed to get the note of Jaree-Ra before he moves to Broken Oar Grotto, this is highly unlikely but possible (eg. if you used a console command to get the note but the quest remains stuck). In this dialogue sequence you will confront Jaree-Ra with his plans described in Hargar's Journal, with an option to kill him (there isn't really an option but you can leave the dialogue before you say : "Now it's time to end your life").

Just place the esp in the data folder and enable it with Skyrim Launcher. May not be compatible with NMM.

Known issues
You will need to have the journal in your inventory, reading it isn't enough (a issue I might not be able to fix as there is no dialogue condition for having read a book). A good detective won't make accusations unless he has the evidence right in front of him.

Future plans
Have Deeja (Jaree-Ra's sister) send Blackblood Marauders after you until you meet her in person (after a certain number of assaults) and you have killed her.

Do not distribute this mod without my permission, You can however make a translation and post it on Skyrim Nexus (!!!NOT ON OTHER SITES!!!) without having my permission if you include me in the credits and you don't claim the mod as your own.

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