Diverse Muscle Tones by Winterlove
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Added: 29/06/2012 - 10:10AM
Updated: 21/08/2017 - 07:55AM

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Last updated at 7:55, 21 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 10:10, 29 Jun 2012

This is a mod for Skyrim Original Edition. After much thought I've decided not to upload a version for SE - there are too many open questions regarding whether or not the 3rd-party assets this mod relies on can just be re-used on SE without reacquiring permission, and I don't have the time or energy to go through all that again if it turns out to be necessary.

Sorry to have to make this clear, but any upload to any site of an SE port of this mod that was not done by me or without my permission will be considered piracy and treated as such.

(Update, 2016-09-19, version 6.2b. Synchronise with latest USLEEP and CRF.)

This mod attempts to increase the degree of visual diversity amongst female and male NPCs by given them varying amounts of muscle-tone definition. The idea is that melee fighty types get the strongest muscular definition, while ranged weapon specialists are more lightly toned. There is also a degree of randomisation present.

Installation instructions are contained within the core downloadable archive and as a Readme linked off this page.

If you see something that looks very like this mod being offered for sale or on a site which is not the Skyrim Nexus, be aware that someone who isn't me may be trying to get you to download and/or buy pirated (and unsupported) goods and you should avoid them. It might be nice to tell me about it, though. 


Bethesda, for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
SvarogNL for Fitness Body, xs2reality for Sporty Sexy Map and arison_c for
Rebirth Muscle Map. These made the female muscle tone variation possible.
Urshi for Smooth Male Body and WolverineHowlett for More
Muscular Men texture normals. Similarly, these made the male muscle tone
variation possible.
XunAmarox for the CBBE Innies texture replacer.
hellosanta for the SG Renewal texture replacer.
Navatsea, for their skin texture mods.

Release History

2012-06-28, 1.0: Initial release.
2012-06-29, 1.1: Fix bad textures on Elder race NPCs.
2012-06-30, 2.0: Rewrite from the ground up, as the Elder race was borked beyond retrieval.
2012-07-01, 2.1: Strip out Elderly NPC mods. They work safely, but they should be a separate mod.
2012-07-07, 2.2: Rationalise some redundant resources used in the plugin, making it a bit smaller (unreleased).
2012-09-30, 2.3: Remove those NPCs that are also edited by Consistent Older People (except Brina Merelis). This and COP should no longer conflict.
2012-11-08, 2.4: Update plugin for Skyrim 1.8. Update muscle tone textures according to latest release of Fitness Body. Repackage everything into one downloadable archive.
2012-12-13, 3.0: Update textures, increase the number of body types supported, also add more degrees of tonedness (to 6 levels from 4).
2013-01-08, 3.1: Update textures from most recent version of Fitness Body.
2013-02-13, 3.2: Update textures from most recent version of Fitness Body, improve support for Navatsea textures.
2013-03-29, 4.0: Bring plugin up-to-date with respect to USKP, add DLC support.
2013-04-20, 4.1: Another USKP sync-up, remove some NPCs also modified by Consistent Older People, introduce compatability patches.
2013-07-28, 4.2: Update for USKP and BOYD compatibility patches.
2013-08-11, 4.3: Texture resource update.
2013-09-28, 4.4: More texture variants, add toned player plugin, tweak Vilja support and incorporate into the main distribution archive, add easter egg.
2013-10-07, 4.5: Two kinds of Navatsea variant (smooth and less smooth), fix
problems using the toned-player plugin if you are playing a beast race,
remove some texture variants not quite ready for primetime.
2013-10-29, 5.0: Major update. Add support for males, synchronise with latest USKP and BOYD updates.
2013-12-04, 5.1: Restructure core mod to allow for future flexibility (I have no specific plans for what to do with this, but I like to think ahead). Update texture assets.)
2014-05-17, 5.1h: Synchronisation update with USKP 2.0.4, BOYD 1.2.5. Add Hearthfire support.
2014-05-31, 5.1i: Synchronisation update with CRF 1.0.6.
2014-06-11, 5.2: Fix invisible werewolves, werebears and vampire lords.
2014-07-07, 5.2a: USKP/BOYD synchronisation update.
2014-07-09, 5.2a: BEZ-compatible assets updated in the CBBE asset packs.
2014-08-14, 5.2b: USKP/CRF synchronisation update.
2014-08-24, 5.3: Major update. Bring all female assets up-to-date, add support for UNP BASE, alter plugins to avoid potential invisible werewolf and vampire lord player problems.
2014-08-30, 5,3a: Clean NPC plugins of CK-introduced ITM sub-record edits.
2014-10-12, 5.3b: Synchronise with USKP 2.0.7, BOYD 1.2.8 and CRF 1.1.
2015-01-23, 5.3d: Updates BASE assets
2015-02-08, 5.3d: Synchronise with USKP 2.0.9
2015-02-25, 5.3e: Synchronise with USKP 2.1.0
2015-04-05, 5.3f: Synchronise with USKP 2.1.1
2015-06-28, 5.3g: Synchronise with USKP 2.1.2, give Thongvor the muscles he should have had, remove unnessary edits.
2015-07-25, 5.3h: Synchronise with USKP 2.1.3.
2015-08-18, 5.3i: Remove BOYD-specific support, BOYD 3.0.0 means it is no longer necessary.
2015-11-08, 5.4: Adapt to work with USLEEP
2016-02-14, 5.5: Syncrhonise with USLEEP 3.0.1 and CRF 2.0.1
2016-02-14, 6.0: Legendary edition
2016-03-06, 6.1: Add CACO support
2016-08-06, 6.2a: Synchronise with latest USLEEP.
2016-09-19, 6.2b: Synchronise with latest USLEEP and CRF.
2016-12-17, 6.2c: Synchronise with latest USLEEP.
2017-02-19, 6.2d: Synchronise with USLEEP 3.0.8.
2017-02-20, 6.2e: Synchronise with CRF update.
2017-08-21, 6.2g: Synchronise with USLEEP 3.0.10