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Llevas Aravel, a rugged Dunmer male, has traveled to Skyrim to follow you, the Dragonborn, through dark crypts, bleak caverns, and anywhere in between.

This mod adds Llevas, a strong axe-wielder that comes equipped with a leveled 2-handed axe and appropriate perks, ready to aid you in battle or become your endearing spouse. There are two versions of this unique follower.


In version 1, Llevas will come set with a default ancient Nord armor outfit, meaning he will never be naked. You can give him any armor you choose and he should switch to that armor, but if you remove all the armor from his inventory, he will default back to the ancient Nord outfit.

In version 2, Llevas will NOT have a default outfit and will thus probably be undressed the first time you see him. He comes with a set of ancient Nord armor in his inventory, but you will need to access his inventory and remove/add from it to force him to equip something. This way, he will wear whatever you give him, but it is also possible to completely undress him for whatever reason. Unless you have body replacers installed, Llevas will just be in his underwear when you first meet. :)

Llevas New Follower Features:
Available as a follower AND can be married.
Increased speed, set as essential, 2-handed warrior with extra health and stamina.
Appropriate 2-handed perks.
Find him at Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm.
Starting level 10, max level possible 99.
NOTE: This new follower is scripted to return to the inn if you dismiss him. I find this a convenient option that helps make it less likely to lose your follower. He does not have his own home (that's the inn!), so it is recommended to tell him to move in with you when you marry!


This option will change the vanilla follower Athis's physical features to match Llevas and also adds a few improvements without changing too much of how he works in vanilla. If you already use Athis or would rather have an 1-handed/shield follower instead of a 2-handed one, this option is for you!

Changes made to Athis:
Speed increased to 125.
Set to be essential.
Added Perks: Armsman, Bladesman, Fighting Stance, Critical Charge, Savage Strike
Entire appearance changed to resemble Llevas.
Find Athis in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.
Once the Companion's questline is completed, Athis can become a follower, a new member of the Blades, and a potential candidate for marriage.

HELP! I'm using the Athis replacer, and he has a crazy neck gap! No worries, this can be fixed, and you will only need to do this once!
Press the "~" key to open up the console, and use your mouse to click on Athis. His ID should show up on the screen (numbers & letters). Type in "setnpcweight 70" without the quotes and press ENTER. This will change Athis's weight to match his new look. But wait! His face is discolored and he lost his warpaint!. Don't worry! Save your game and exit. When you load up your save, his face will be back to normal, and he will remain at his new weight!
NOTE: This console code to change his weight will do so PERMANENTLY unless you open the console, select him with your mouse, and type "setnpcweight 0" to return him to his original weight. You will have to do this even after removing this mod if you wish for him to go back to his original size.

For ease of use, download and install using Nexus Mod Manager.
For manual install, simply extract the contents of the archive into your Data folder.
BOSS is recommended for proper mod sorting!
This mod is FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH UFO! Simply load my plugin AFTER UFO.

Llevas's Look
If you want Llevas to look like the screenshots, please take a look at these wonderful mods!
Also keep in mind that Llevas should work with ANY texture replacers, these are just recommendations.

Better Males - Younger Geonox Faces Without Beard + FavoredSoul Meshes
High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox - Original version of the amazing facial textures by Geonox, minus the other stuff from Better Males. I prefer the Younger Without Beard version from Better Males, but this is also fantastic and, of course, is the original!
High Quality Eyes Darker & Desaturated - I use the elf and orc eyes from this mod. Amazing detail that retains the feel of vanilla.
Natural Eyes - If you do not like the "alien" look of the vanilla elf eyes, this is another option. I personally use the human eyes only from this mod; they are wonderful too.
AOF Believable Hair - Retexture of the vanilla Skyrim hairs.
83Willow's Whiter Teeth
Weathered Warpaint and Improved Dirt

Please also take a look at Fimbulvinter ENB, which is the ENB setting used for the screenshots. Great balance of beauty and performance and doesn't even slow down my low-medium machine!

83Willow for her kindness, advice, and inspirational/beautiful mods and screenshots.
Kataous for his general awesomeness, helpfulness, advice, and encouragement.

This mod is brought to you thanks to NPC Editor!

Your downloads, comments, endorsements, and screenshots mean so much! I welcome any constructive feedback you have as well.
Let me know what I can improve or fix! Enjoy!


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