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Added: 29/06/2012 - 02:55AM
Updated: 24/07/2012 - 08:53AM

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Last updated at 8:53, 24 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 2:55, 29 Jun 2012

The files for this mod have been replaced with 2 new files containing 2 different styles of the same home in a new, secluded location not used by the expansion, Dawnguard. Style 2a contains Mannequins in the bedroom while Style 2b contains Wall Plaques in the bedroom instead. HAVE ONLY 1 ACTIVATED. BOTH WOULD NO DOUBT CAUSE PROBLEMS.

This is our first mod, so bare with us if you find an issue. Remember to endorse!

: Mountainside Home includes :
: Exterior :
- A lore-friendly home nestled in a secluded area of Skyrim's southern mountain range. -
- Custom Map Marker w/ working Fast Travel. (Does not require discovery.) -
- A small road/path leading up to the home for scenery. -
- Fire sconces and shadow-less lights to help light up the area at night. -
: Interior :
- A lore-friendly, Upper-Class/Stone-Style home. -
- Working NavMesh. (Allows companions to enter home and follow you properly.) -
- 4 well-placed Mannequins, or 4 well-placed working Wall Plaques. -
- Enchanting and Alchemy crafting tables. -
- Enchanter's and Alchemist's satchels placed on top of the crafting tables. -
- Dressers, an empty chest and a safe in the bedroom for desired storage. -
- Dragon Figurines, Skyrim lore-friendly helmets and skulls on display. -
- A trophy dragon skull hanging above the bed in the bedroom. -
- Working fireplace with special lighting, allowing for shadows to cast. -
- Candles and Chandeliers for the desired comfortable/relaxing effect. -

If you don't use the Nexus Mod Manager, simply extract the .RAR or .ESP file to your Data folder and you're ready to go! Remember to endorse!

: Update - Choice 2a :
- Moved the old home to a new location with Mannequins in the bedroom. -

: Update - Choice 2b :
- Moved the old home to a new location with Wall Plaques in the bedroom. -

The updated files are standalone files. The old, original file is NOT required. Deleting the old, original file from your Data folder may help with Endorsing the file. I recommend that you find and delete the N70MountainsideHome(.esp/ .rar/ .zip) file BEFORE you download the new one.