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Mammoth Creek
Version 1.1

Thanks for your interest. This is my first mod for Skyrim.

*A map marker will show to the east of Whiterun.
*This mod requires no extra add-ons to work.

Mammoth creek is not a massive mansion style home but more of a homestead suitable as a base for exploring and adventuring Tamriel. I called the location Mammoth Creek because in my travels to find a suitable location to place the house, I encountered a lot of mammoths. If you look at the creek toward Whiterun you will also see the remains of a mammoth on a small island.

So why build Mammoth Creek?
Well, I wanted a non-default home that was relatively central to most of Tamriel. A place that I could return to and have all that I need to smith, craft, create potions and enchant weapons.

You will find chests located around each work station where you can store items relative to that type of station - a great way to keep everything organised and easily accesible. Each chest is locked and requires a master key to open. You will find the master key on the table inside the house.

There is also a fire and some chairs near the creek (I have titled the creek Mammoth Creek), and a small bridge further down to cross the water. A fenced off pen, although small, is further up the hill and if you ride your horse into it (you may have to jump it to get in), you will find that the horse stays there and doesn't wander off.

The House.
The first thing you may notice is that the house is empty of any food, plates and other items. I have done this to give you, the new owner an opportunity to collect the type of items you want.

The house is simple yet functional. You will find a table with bench seats, chairs at the fire, a cooking station and two beds. There is also a safe and plenty of other storage.

The Basement.
The basement is lined with bookshelves. Why? Well, I as an adventurer are trying to collect every book in Skyrim and I needed a place to keep them all.

You will also find centred rows of weapon display cases if you like to collect unique weapons. In future updates these will most likely be added to.

I hope you enjoy living at Mammoth Creek and as time goes on I will be developing the area around the house further. Any suggestions please let me know.

Update v1.1
This update changes the following;
- Adds better access to smithing area
- Moved grinding wheel closer to workbench
- Added x2 extra weapon racks inside house
- Lowered original weapon rack near basement trapdoor

Future Updates;
I am currently working on making the house NPC marriage compatible so you can move your husband/wife there to live (this involves scripting in which I am learning.
Also working on the first Mammoth Creek related quest!