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Uploaded by daltemir1


Last updated at 0:55, 12 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 18:44, 28 Jun 2012

NOTE!: Recently found out theres 1 more mod needed which is Enhanced Character edit just install it over pretty faces heres the link :
The save file should now look identical to the picture ones, enjoy.

Recent Updates:
I made a newer version that is almost identical, but i cant really tell with my new lighting settings but plz try that one if the first one doesnt look as supposed to.

May make a better one in the future.

Install the needed mods exactly as they r listed down below,
Pretty Faces has to go before covereyes since covereyes need to replace pretty faces eyes and not vice versa.

New Notices:
when u load the save it might tell you that u do not have the appropriate mods installed just click to load it anyway and it should be fine.

Fenry by Daltemir
Uploaded by daltemir1

Link to Companion version:

Scroll down to see which mod required for the save she wont look the same without them.

This mod is a simple save file that includes the character
seen in the screenshots.
The Character is in the first village right after the intro quest and is equipped
with most of the gear that is obtainable through the beginning.
The characters scale is set to 0.9 if you dont like it see good to know.
The character is a Nord.

Good to know:

Console Commands:

showracemenu = brings up the race menu where u can do the changes you like

player.setscale "any number" 1 is default = sets the players overall body scale.

Extra commands for the I wanna take screenshots persons:

tfc = toggle free camera (lets you float around the world as spectator)

tfc 1 = same as tfc but pauses the game (good for when u wanna capture that exact moment)

tm = toggle menu, hides the User Interface Note that the console will become invisible as well.

other stuff:
When using pretty face it will apply to all female characters in game I think its an improvement
but you might not think so, so if you are unsure you might not want to use this or you might
want to find another solution.

The save files are saved with minimum mods required to increase chance of full compabillity
however it is not tested on a new clean installation of the game and the mods but should work

Copy the My Games folder to My documents folder if you dont have the My Games folder
and have your save files somewhere else then just copy the contents you need to that folder
(the .ess files should go to the folder saves).

History of the mod:
Some years ago when Oblivion used to be popular I used to make small mods such as player
homes but since then I havent really released anything so I thought
since im the guy taking hours to customize my characters appearance to what I
prefer why not upload the save file.

Additional Information:
The character is made from my personal preference and everyone might not like it.

Weither you like it or not make sure to look through the mods you liked from the
pictures and endorse them if you enjoyed them.

If I have forgotten any mod you see in the pictures let me know in the comments

I forgot which mod the forward Jump animation is from Think its one in the animation
mod list down below.

I might not have the time to edit this for some time since I will be gone for the
summer holiday but I will make sure to answer all unanswered questions when I get
back and make modifications if nesscesary.

Copyright stuff:
You may use it in your mods if you leave name of the author (daltemir1) however
you may not change the appearance a little bit (like hairstyle or nose etc)
and reupload as your own.
If you wanna include the required mods in for this mod in your mod you have to ask the auhors for
Permissions(that is if you would take files of mods and put them all in 1 folder).
Hope this all makes sense, ask me if anything seems unclear.

Mods !NEEDED! (If the face should look like in the pictures):

Pretty Face (Pack) by tktk (this mod will apply to all NPCs as well but it certainly makes everyone look better)

Covereyes - eyes1 by mrLenski

More Freckles - Cute Freckles by Zhoken (If you are gonna use the version with Freckles.

Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion by Radioragae

Face light by tktk1 (optional but recomended since the lightin in skyrim is pretty evil sometimes lol)

Recomended mods(mods from the screenshots):


Zoners high performance ENB by Shrutesh (HIGHLY recomended)

DYNAVISION by Gopher and MyGoodEye

Realistic Lighting by 747823 and pluto (cant seem to find the original version so I paste link to what I think is the german one)


Armors and Clothing:

Mystic Elven Armor by Sader

Black Tower and Black Sacrament Armor pack by AmethystDeceiver

Ashara Princess of the Woods for UNP by SydneyB

UNP Casual Outfit - Oni Edition by Onigirl

Lily GaGa for CBBEv3 by JackGa (saber armor)

Ninja GaGa for CBBEv3 by JackGa (kasumi armor)

Ninja for CBBEv3 by JackGa (ayane armor)

Imperial Investigator Armor UNP & UNPB by Calyps

Temptress Dress for CBBE by fizz99 (Vindictus Evie lvl 56 armor)

Layer Bikini replacer - UNP & CBBE by anano


Insanitys Dragonbane by InsanitySorrow

Insanitys Celtic Katana by Insanity Sorrow (hard to see but is actually equipped in the kasumi armor pic)

Witchers Silver Sword by Kimono

The bow of lorveth/ Scoiatael Weapons by Wicked_Jester

Power of the Gods by WarriorKeKe (the Glowing bow, its sort of cheat mod but cool and slows time)

Craftable Scythe by btyop original made by mingyannu


DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99

GlossTech(glossy skin) by Mono5944

Player Homes and Places

Amethyst Hollows Dreamworld by AmethystDeceiver (HIGHLY recomended)

The Asteria by mattcm919 (HIGHLY recomended)

Perfect Whiterun by ReVan1199 (if you think whiterun could use some trees lolz)


YY Anim Replacer - Zweihander by yuki

Bowlegged jump animation Fix by mirap

Pretty_Weapon_idles by dualstun (using couple of thoose)

Pretty Female idles by Dualstun

Sit animation by person123456789 (I like that name lol)


Playable Instruments - Play and Bash by planexuser uploaded by wgstein

WATER - Water And Terrain Engancement Redux by OpticShooter

Crimson Tide- Blood by Magus

Young Female voice replacer by snafoi (cant really hear it in a pic but it fits with the character)

Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows by EvilDeadAsh34

Be sure to take a look at the mods you find interesting, and please endorse this and/or other mods
you enjoyed.

Thank You