Lootable Crates by Ahzaab
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Added: 28/06/2012 - 11:16AM
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Lootable Crates and Better Furniture Loot

Version 1.8

UPDATE: Added an optional main file that removes non-vanilla items from crates. This includes mods that add to the LItemMiscVendorMiscItems75 Leveled List. This optional file is useful for Hearthfire for those who do not want tons of wooden swords, child clothes, and dolls!

UPDATE: I have modified most of the crates available in the game. However, I have avoided changing crates that are located in player homes in order to avoid conflicts with other mods. Also, I cannot easily change crates that have snow material shaders applied to them since shaders can only be applied to static objects and not containers. I would have to create special crates with snow textures. But, this would be difficult since crate placement orientation varies greatly in the game.

Did you ever wonder why you cannot loot crates in Skyrim? Are you tired of the worthless loot in furniture and barrels?

What does this mod change?
This mod attempts to improve the random loot that is available in some furniture, barrels, etc.
1. Adds additional items such as books, some jewelry, etc in end tables and cabinets.
2. Adds some additional clothing items such as armor, pelts, and robes to dressers.
3. Increases the amount of and variety of food found in barrels (No more single carrots for example)
4. Changes over 2600 static crates into containers that contain loot, The crate loot mostly contains miscellaneous items such as kettles, pelts, books, robes, gold, lockpicks, etc. Other more powerful items such as weapons are still reserved for containers like chests.

Note: I attempted to avoid player home crates to avoid conflicts with the many mods out there that modify player homes.

This mod attempts to keep the vanilla feel as much as possible by not making items too over powered. I will monitor this to make sure that is the case.

All the new items are based on leveled lists. The mod also attempts to add items to containers that make sense. For example, an end table should not contain large items such as hammers, etc.

For those who complain about the lack of valuable loot, I am trying to keep the mod as vanilla as possible. If you want containers full of powerful loot, that's what the boss chests are for.

This mod does not modify leveled list, it only add new ones so the impact with other mods should be minimal.

Just download with Nexus Mod Manager and activate.

Change Log
- Over 230 more crates are now lootable

- Also removed the Imperial luck gold from barrels. Please note the cells will have to be reset before gold is no longer in the barrels. A clean save does not do this.
- 100 more crates are now lootable

- Per suggestion, removed gold from barrels
- Per suggestion, further reduced pelts and other animal items from 75% chance to 50% chance
- 320 more crates are now lootable

- Reduced the amount of duplicate pelts and other animal items
- 180 more crates are now lootable

- Reduced the amount of duplicate items in wardrobe and other similar furniture containers
- 490 more crates are now lootable

- Fixed a bug where a long crate was not placed properly in Warmaiden's

- Over 800 more crates are now lootable, including some long crates
- Barrels contain torches less often
- Crates will now have more random items.
- Long crates will also contain longer items such as hammers, war axes, staves, etc.

- Over 500 crates are now lootable
- Items are more random
- Modded level lists have now been added to wardrobe furniture
- A few more items should be available in the containers (still not trying to overpower)