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Perks Unbound - Legendary Edition
Perks Unbound is a spiritual successor for ClassicNoodle's "No Perk Prerequisites",
which is a Pre-CK mod, and pre-CK tools have been proven to corrupt
mods (TESVSnip specifically), so I decided to make the mod from the
ground up with the Creation Kit.

The purpose of this mod is to remove all but the skill requirements for perks, so that way you
can skip the perks you don't want.

There are some minor exceptions:
- Novice to Master perks are left untouched.
-Steady Hand: Requires “Eagle Eye” to function, and

-Disarming Bash requires Power Bash for the same reason
- Impact:Is useless without Destruction Dual Casting.

Installation Requirements
Official Skyrim patch1. or greater.

Perks Unbound - Merged.esp and Perks Unbound - Helmless Warrior - Merged.esp: Both require the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch

Perks Unbound.esp and Perks Unbound - Helmless Warrior.esp: Both require the Unofficial Skyrim Patch

And of course: DLCs are required for the DLC-specific patch files

Install Perks Unbound with your favourite mod manager

For a manual installation: Extract the archive to your data folder in your Skyrim

Load Order
I would recommend using LOOT for your load order needs:

The load order should be:Perks Unbound.esp --> Perks Unbound – Dawnguard.esp --> Perks
Unbound – Dragonborn.esp

The Helmless Warrior optional download follows the same order

Perks Unbound - Merged.esp – Use this if you have both Dawnguard and Dragonborn to save 2 ESP slots

Uninstalling Perks Unbound
Nothing special, so just remove as with your mod manager of choice, or remove the files
manually if installed manually.

Optional Download: Perks Unbound - Helmless Warrior
This is a version of Perks Unbound where a Helmet is not required for Armor
perks to function, and that does not require you to download the main

1) Helmets are no longer required for armor perks to function.
2) The perks modified are: Cushioned, Well Fitted,Matching Set, Reflect Blows, Custom Fit, Matching Set, Wind Walker,
Deft Movement, DLC1DawnguardItemPerk, DLC2MatchingSet,
3) The Abilities "PerkWindWalkerStamina"and "PerkAbReflectBlows" also needed to be modified for
this mod to work as intended.
4) The Spells "DBFullSet"and "TGFullSet" have been modified (Shrouded Armor and
Nightingale Armor matching set bonuses).
5) Like "No HelmetsRequired" you won't be able to mix armor types. Wearing a light
armor helmet would negate all heavy armor perks above except for the
matching set perks.
6) I have modified the necessary "SPEL"entries in the creation kit, so that way all the armor set perks work
as expected.[/left]