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Added: 28/06/2012 - 05:30AM
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Last updated at 13:30, 28 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 5:30, 28 Jun 2012

A weapon compilation mod by Hothtrooper44.

This mod adds a number of new melee weapons to the game in the form of the axestaff.
These weapons are perfect for a battle-mage or mystical warrior type character, but each weapon has it's own theme as well.

There are currently six melee weapons added to the game:

- Warchief's Might - a barbarian themed axestaff, Orcish smithing
- Ethereal Axestaff - blades held near the staff by force of magic, Glass smithing
- Aldmeri Axestaff - wielded by the mightiest Elven war-magi, Eleven smithing
- Nord Hero Axestaff - a blend of Nord brutality and magic, Steel smithing
- Wabba Jaxe - the Wabba Jack sprouted an axe! Daedric smithing
- Wabba Jackhammer - Cheese for everyone! Daedric smithing

Feedback on the weapons should be left in the comments section.
I will read all the comments made and consider requests for alterations and potential fixes.

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I would like to take this small space to thank the users of my mods, and the Nexus community at large. I am honored to be a part of this community, and to contribute to it. Thank you for your patronage of my work, whether it comes through comments, endorsements, or even a kind donation. You are the reason that I spend long hours of work bettering Skyrim. The Nexus community is the reason I continue to create mods. Thank you.

If you wish to use this armor set for your mod, please ask me by message first.
I do wish to help other mods and the community at large with my work, so don't hold back from asking!

hothtrooper44 - Axestaff Weapon Pack
Bethesda - Skyrim and it's assets
83Willow and the "Double Axes of Skyrim" mod for inspiration!