Dwemer City of Tzinchanzel by Beth
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Tzinchanzel - pronounced Tz-in-see-ann-sel - a Dwemer city concept in the works.

Everybody loves the Dwemer and thier tech/styles but I hated the fact that all these georgous ruins were just there to pillage and not be put in thier full glory days when the Dwemer where in existance.

This is an ambitious project in which I aim to create a Fully fuctional Dwemer city.

Not back story really planned, just add a fuctioning Dwemer city with little or no damage or litter to the Dwemer halls themselves. The Dwemer race itself is tricky currently as the Dwemer look too much like Altmer, I will want to make them more like Bosmer but with human oritentated eyes, dark hair and all those wonderous beards.
Their choice of clothing is the Yellow common cloths and also a retexture of the mage's robes to be yellowish.

The current file is just a taster and also I need opinions on design and what services to add in the big halls of Tzinchanzel. There is already a interior bug of the interior not showing up untill you reach the area affected and it shows up in game.

The very first part of the city is ment to be a greeting place for all visitors, there is a desk with a ledger for people to sign in and out. basically its suppost to mark who has come, the purpose of their visit and how long they plan on staying. I think the Dwemer would be very much like this, being the practical and clever people they are/where. For names, I am drawing much basis on the only known Dwemer Yagrum Bagarn so I am nameing future Dwemer NPCs in a similar way such as Yangrin Dosgardas and so on.

I am calling for help and offers of help are surely desired.

How come there is no such mod like this present already or have I missed something?
We need a Dwemer City people!

Areas done-ish

- Blacksmith shop
- small residential area
- big commercial hall area partially done


- full range of stores like clothing, potions, taverns (about 3)
- guard barracks, different sections for different classes of Dwemer
I think the Dwemer had different roles (engineer classes, miner classes, warrior classes, nobile classes, commomer classes) Something like ants and so forth.
I will look more into it.
- expanditionatory forces sent out into Skyrim to scout out the other Dwemer ruins for resources and lost knowlegde.... perhaps expand on the backstory here.
-Dwemer patrols