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UPDATES below....

Note: If you guys could take some screen shots and upload them here and/or to the general section I would be very grateful. I've been having issues taking screen shots myself... Thanks in advance.


This is just a simple retext of the "Apotheus Light Armor" by (GuitunScarfin)... I simply gave everything a Brownish hue with a high saturation and highly darkened. BUT.. It isn't too dark. I'm fairly proud of the helmet retext in particular. I've made it look more like the Magneto Helmet from the X-Men movie series (not the prequel).

In order to display this retext you will need the original mod from GuitunScarfin. His original armor is fantastic. Here is the link:

I'm fond of the darker more stealthy type of armors so I decided to change it up and give it some Sithis/Nocturnal love. I hope you like it.



I've changed some of the pieces to the original armor mesh to something that I've been using myself during my play throughs. The gauntlets, hood, and boots have been changed and are plugins which require GuitunScarfin's version 1.3 mod for Apotheus Light Armor. The textures are the darker mahogany version but cleaned up a bit. The white threading is no longer visible which allows for a much cleaner and smoother look for the armor. Once again feel free to post pictures for me and others to see.

The hood mesh is from Omegared99.
The gauntlets and boots are from the original skyrim armors. And the core torso is ofcourse from Apotheus Light Armor. I hope you like it..

UPDATE: 1.6 and 1.7

I've re-uploaded both the Darker Mahogany Armor texture and the Black Armor texture with subtle and small Insignia's on the upper left side of the chest pieces.

-The Mahogany Armor has a dark dragon silhouette as its symbol.
-The Black Armor has a Winged Lion Crest patch. Subtle and dark.

These insignia's are easily covered up by wearing the scarf or mage hood variants.

These are good for those of you who wish to distinguish your armors more clearly and for those of you who wish to create new factions with symbols and what not. Feel free to use these in any mod you put forth as long as you credit me and GuitunScarfin.

(Also post screen shots and photos as I cannot do so myself)


UPDATE 1.0 and 1.5

I've decided to add the full retexture sets for GuitunScarfin's v1.2 armor update. These are similar to the older versions I've made. One is Darker with a brownish hue; the other is black with subtle highlights. Install his new version mod first then mine after.

If you wish to use my older Scarfless mesh in 0.25 you'll need to use the older versions of my retexture (but only the main torso portion has changed). Otherwise it'll show up blank. So working and installing parts manually is best. You can mix and match all of the pieces and textures to your liking.




Added another retext file with changes to the Helm and Scarf. They are cooler toned and less Saturated allowing them to match slightly better with the rest of the armor.


UPDATE: 0.25

I've added a new file with meshes that remove the scarf. For those of you who wanted a cleaner look and don't like the scarf textures that I provide. I'll try to upload some new scarf color textures in a later update.

Tip: I suggest you download nifskope and mess around with it. Removing the scarf was fairly easy. But if you're lazy, like me at times, just get this file.



I've added a Black version of the armor. Very subtle hue. This version also has a different transparency texture for the scarf. The scarf is now matte instead of shiny. If you wish to change the shine on the other texture versions simply upload this one and apply it manually. The file is named (


Author notes:
I am not the original mod creator in terms of the meshes. That hard work goes to GuitunScarfin. It is required that you download his mod first before installing this one. The link is above ^^^ I have only created new textures within a data file.

File credits:
Credit goes to GuitunScarfin.

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