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  1. SeaHutch
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    This mod is fantastic, a complete game-changer.
  2. JRZTT
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Is there a way to reduce the knockout damage that it wouldn't downright kill the NPC?

    I'm doing a pacifist run where I kill the least, only kill quest target or undead/robot. I need to raise my difficulty to legendary so it wouldn't kill NPC but I can't spend my perk point to sneak atk which is my main form of atk against target I allow to kill.

    please help
  3. IncuBB
    • member
    • 51 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Throat slicing is MUST HAVE mod for all of us, who rp rouges and assassins.
  4. Blueseal3414
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    I have all of the requirements but the mod doesn't work, My game doesn't crash but the mod isn't there.
    1. M0ro
      • supporter
      • 261 posts
      • 3 kudos
      If you have all of the req. and checked the mod ,there must be something missing for sure. Check again. I am using this mod for long time and never had problems activating it. Did you run SKSE?..
  5. CreativityIsnt
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    Cant talk to npcs while wearing a concealed hood or the nightingale hood.
    1. TEC769
      • supporter
      • 6 posts
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      literally says in the description that this is a feature. You look like a thug, don't you think people are going to avoid you?
  6. peregrine111
    • member
    • 720 posts
    • 7 kudos
    Is there a way to make slitting throats silent? I don't fancy my chances against a room full of angry NPCs after I kill one of them. Sure, they run around and can detect me literally only by running into me (if I keep to dark corners inside or during night outside), but having to wait 15-25s till they stop looking for me still breaks the immersion... might as well just power attack them with a dagger for extremely high critical sneak damage.. (13x currently, without sneak dmg enchants) Actually, I think normal sneak attack might be more silent, which is so so wrong... as it's animation is basically just a vertical slash ON ARMOR followed by a body ragdolling to the ground.

    Having NPCs withing 2-3m "hear" me slaugher someone is all right, but from goddamn across the hall? That's just...
  7. Highforlife91
    • premium
    • 70 posts
    • 1 kudos
    is there anyway to FINALLY add the rope arrows to special edition?! ive been waiting FOREVER for it to be uppdated and since skse64 is finally in beta and works perfetly with all of my other mods for it i was hoping to see the ropes added. everything else works great in the mod used it on xbox one and now on pc and have had absolutely no problems even with better vampires it works fine with no problems the menues are just basically added together into one menu. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD THE ROPE ARROWS!!!! ILL EVEN DONATE MONEY TO YOU IF IT HELPS GET IT ON SE FINALLY!
  8. PrancinShowPony
    • member
    • 147 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Been playing with it on a (at the moment) 32 hour save and it works like a charm. First time I'm going with a knives only assassin without a bow and I think it wouldn't be half as fun without this mod.
    The best thing is let your followers distract the enemy as you sneak behind them (even when you're detected) and slit their throat.

    And one thing I discovered recently is when you use this with the Ghostwalk spell from Apocalypse. You go behind someone and slit their throat while invisible and then you are automatically teleported back to where you first casted the spell. You truly feel like a ninja.
  9. BeneathThePlass
    • supporter
    • 83 posts
    • 6 kudos
    I love this mod, and I love the added ability to sneak up behind someone and slit their throat. I've run into one issue with that, however, and I was wondering if there would be any possible fix for it. I use the Better Vampires mod by Brehanin2, which gives you the option to extract blood/free from a person which sneaking behind them, which is done by using the activate key. What this means is that when I sneak up behind someone and press [E] to slit their throat, it also activates that menu, forcing me to select one of the options. The animation to slit the person's throat will play correctly, but afterward my player controls are disabled; the only way to re-enable them is through the console command 'enableplayercontrols.' Is there anyway a patch could be created to resolve the conflict between these two mods? Or is there some other possible solution?
  10. Amphibiot
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Horstar is missing from his shop.

    Horstar just disappeared and i can't seem to get him back.
    And what's worse, it seems to be completely unrelated to savegames.
    I have tried reinstalling the mod, but it didn't work. Help please?
    Now it's just his bodyguard sitting in the shop while Horstar himself is gone.