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  • Near-future plans for Sneak Tools

    Since Sneak Tools hasn't seen any updates for a while now, I thought I'd let you guys know what's in store for the near future.

    The current version is 0.50 BETA. I will soon be releasing a version 0.51 BETA with a very small amount of small improvements to fix any issues I managed to fix so far. Afterwards, all new versions will require SKSE (this is why I'm still doing a very small update seperately even though I already have much larger things finished, so the latest non-SKSE requiring version is in the best possible state).

    Then, a little while after, version 0.60 BETA will require SKSE. It will come with a large, new feature inspired by woodbyte's Dynamic Fires mod found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=74004800&s...

  • Would you like your newly modded hoods or your favorite mod author's hoods to conceal the player's identity?


    A while ago I released the beta version of my Sneak Tools mod, and by now it has progressed up to version 0.50 BETA.

    One of the mod's features is to have certain headwear conceal the player's identity when equipped on the player. This means that most NPCs around skyrim will treat you suspiciously and that any crimes commited will be assigned to a fake ''mask bounty'' instead of the player's real bounty. If the player is seen equipping/unequipping any such headwear though, the bounties will be merged.

    As of the latest version 0.50, I've added 2 optional plugins in the download which add this functionality to some appropriate vanilla headwear, and I have included an additional guide for modders how they can make c...

  • Sneak Tools version 0.50 BETA Released!

    A new version of Sneak Tools, 0.50 BETA has just been released.

    Among some small improvements, the big new feature is the addition of 2 optional .esp files, which add identity-concealing mask functionality to some appropriate vanilla Skyrim headwear.

    Also included in the download is a short guide for other modders how they can make a patch for their armor mods to add the same identity-concealing functionality to their newly modded masks.

    Exact changelog:
    0.50 BETA (6 July 2012)
    - It is now possible to use the throat slit, knock out and kill in sleep moves on children, even when
    the Non-Essential Killable Children mod is active.
    - It is now not possible to teleport to Horstar's shop using Shadow's Refuge when the player...