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The Skyrim Distance Overhaul adds thousands of new objects (rocks, walls, bridges, statues, ...) to the distant-LOD of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
The Skyrim Distance Overhaul (S.D.O.) adds thousands of polygon-reduced objects to the distant-LOD of Skyrim to improve LOD quality (see the screenshots). The fps drop is pretty small but (as always) depending on settings and hardware, everyone will have different results.

Just use the NMM (Nexus Mod Manager).
The main files will be installed automatically. The optional .esp's (Full-LOD xyz) will cause additional performance hit - do not use with slow machines.

Additional Information:
- The "Full-LOD Morthal Swamp Complete.esp" does reduce FPS extremely. I definitely recommend the "Light.esp"
- take a look at the following mods for even better distant LOD :
• High Quality LODs by Ethatron
• SkyFalls - Animated Distant Waterfalls by SjoertJansen
- If you use the SDO together with SkyFalls and SkyMills, install the "SkyFalls and SkyMills Patch" listed in the files section. Do not use the SkyFalls/Mills optional "New Skyrim LOD".
• AOF HD Tree LODs by AnOldFriend
• Enhanced Distant Terrain 2 by SparrowPrince
• Enhanced Distant Terrain by SparrowPrince
- & need to get overwritten (NMM will normally do this for you) - otherwise you will have some weird LOD-Textures.

- Dawnguard: Maybe some ugly textures. - patch is under construction.
- Hearthfire: Building your house in the Morthal Swamp while using Full-LOD Morthal Swamp.esp can cause CTD's. Not sure if I can create a fix. Maybe just don't build there ;)
- Dragonborn: New world should not be effected.

Optional .ini Tweak:
- The lines fBlockLevel1Distance and fBlockLevel0Distance effect how far the new LOD-Objects will be visible (SkyrimPrefs.ini -> [TerrainManager]).
I recommend:
- fBlockLevel1Distance=40000 and fBlockLevel0Distance=20000 for slow machines (or lower).
- fBlockLevel1Distance=70000 and fBlockLevel0Distance=35000 for normal/fast machines.
- for high-end machines try fBlockLevel1Distance=120000 and fBlockLevel0Distance=60000 or higher (this will drop your FPS dramatically - 70000 and 35000 is already good enough in my opinion).

fBlockLevelXDistance comparison

Known bugs / incompatibilities:
- there are some flying rocks because the landscape (another rock) is not yet in the LOD (not a real bug).
- if you have modded waterfall textures they will be overwritten. Try the optional waterfall-texture provided by OpticShooter (WATER-compatibility-patch listed in the files section).
- there are many waterfall effects missing (will update "SDO Full-LOD - Waterfall Effects.esp").
- if you get infinite-loading-screens try these settings for the SkyrimPrefs.ini

- add streets, more rocks, docks and the standing stones in upcoming releases.
- add more Giant-Campfires and waterfalls to the Full-LOD .esp's.
- create "SDO Full-LOD - Waterfall Effects Light" for better performance.

I'd like to thank..
..Bethesda for the TES-Series.
..all the awesome Freeware-Tool-Developers (Blender & Scripts, NifSkope, NMM, ...).
..all the guys who write Tutorials to help others. Special thanks to everyone of you!
..OpticShooter for the permission to create a WATER-Compatibility-Patch (see his awesome mod >here<)
..everyone who supports the modders with testing, commenting and sharing!

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