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Trainwiz\'s Morrowloot with crafting high tier armors added back in, for the n\'wahs that were asking for it.

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Version 3.3

Now matches Trainwiz's Version 3! Whoo!

Version 3.0

Now requires MCM. Don't have MCM? It comes with SkyUI. Don't like SkyUI? Get SkyUI-Away, you masochist you. The options are identical to 2.0, except for the addition of the 'Vanilla Morrowloot' option, which allows you to try playing just the way Vivec intended.

If for some reason you lose your Craft-What-You-Find progress, all you need to do is take the equipment out of your inventory and put it back in. This won't happen, though, unless you go changing the options. If you were using the CWYF option in 2.0, don't fear--3.0 defaults to CWYF, no fiddling needed.

There's no Copronymous Edition for 3.0, because the functionality is available in the main mod now. Turn on Vanilla Morrowloot and Orcish Knowledge to achieve the same effect.

What's all this then?

Morrowloot takes a bunch of the randomness out of the leveled loot in Skyrim, as well as adding back in a number of artifacts from previous games. In his quest to make the game more Morrowindesque, Trainwiz also removed the ability to craft the high-tier armors.

But in response to making cool, fancy things scarce, some people thought that they should still be able to craft them, despite the fact that they are ancient and difficult to craft, and the fact that their Dovahkiin spent all of two days hammering together leather straps to become a 'master'. So to appease the s'wits and n'wahs out there who think that they should get special things because they're the Dragonborn, here you go: Morrowloot with crafting intact. Instead of a carefully crafted experience, you get a carefully crafted experience with an important balancing component carved right out. It's not like Skyrim is particularly hard in the first place. And if you like playing it you almost certainly like exploring. So why do you want to make exploring less rewarding?

It's because you're a spear-biting milk drinker. By downloading this file you agree that you're a wuss who doesn't want a more thoughtful experience, that you don't care about a believable world, you just want to be able to make shinies, and that you're a n'wah who takes the easy way instead of the better way.

So download the file. Don't challenge yourself. Don't fret about exploration, you can sit in Whiterun and farm everything you want. Because that's fun. Right? Getting what you want right away, that's what makes things fun? Push button, get awesome? That always makes for the best games.

Because what Morrowind really needed was a way for you to find the Daedric armor without doing all that boring game playing.

You baby.

All these options? I'm confused!

I'll lay it out nice and easy for everyone:
1. Vanilla Morrowloot. Just like Morrowloot, you can't craft Daedric/Dwarven/Ebony/Elven/Glass/Orcish equipment.
2. Vanilla Skyrim. You can craft any of the aforementioned types with the appropriate perk.
3. Craft What You Find. You can craft a piece of equipment of the aforementioned types once you've found an unenchanted piece of that type and you have the appropriate perk. For example: You have Orcish Crafting, and you pick up Orcish Gauntlets--now you can craft Orcish Gauntlets.

For features and compatibility notes (and a far better experience) see: Morrowloot, by Trainwiz.

Coming soon:
Nightmares about coding Papyrus menus.

Thanks go to Trainwiz, and all the people who helped out with his mod.
The snickering Dagoth Ur isn't mine, but I can't find an original source for it. If anyone can source it, I'll acknowledge the source here. (It is pretty funny.)