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Added: 14/11/2011 - 07:53PM
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Trees LODs with shadows v1.3

By Xtudo


One of the best and first tweaks launched by the wonderful Skyrim community was adding shadows to the trees.

By changing bTreesReceiveShadows=1 into the SkyrimPref.ini file.

But this introduced little but upseting glich, the trees LODs don't have shadows applied to them.

So, I added the shadows to the trees LODs, is what this mod do.

For me, is better now; of course it depend on each taste. If you want some "tweak" just let me know.

Here is an useful tweak for shadows, set: fShadowDistance=14000.0000

Beware, this can give you some FPS hit, but it also gives shadows to all the full loaded trees.

-> When the more fShadowDistance is set, the less closer shadow detail you'll get, so set it to your tastes.

I did it for me, and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it!


- Added a Dragonborn DLC version.

Ver 1.3
- Added orange trees, example: the ones near Riften
- Disabled blur filter to the first mipmap, for more detail

Ver 1.2
- Added LESS DARKEN version, it works better with fShadowDistance=4000.0000 or lower.
- More tweaks
- Added snow trees

Ver 1.1
- Added exterior shadows to the trees LODs.
- Reduced interior shadows of the trees LODs.
- Included Ver 1.0 too, so you can choose the one you like most. :D (removed in v1.2)

Ver 1.0
- Release.


1. It's simples. Extract downloaded files, and copy them to your Skyrim folder.

Known Issues or Bugs

- None :D

I am as Xtudo at TESNexus / SkyrimNexus.

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop CS3


- Many thanks to Bethesda for making such a piece of art! I love you guys/gals! :D