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Inspired by the movie "The lost Bladesman" and because im a huge Donnie Yen fan i made the guan dao from the movie.

Can be forged and upgraded under elven smithing. or it can be found in riverwood when u go over the river in a nobel chest.


Extract Into Skyrim\data
Activate .esp file via Launcher

Tipps & Tricks:

If u want the green Textures with the long version just take the textures folder from the shorter version and vice versa.


Delete folder
Skyrim\Data\Textures\Weapons\The Lost Bladesman
Skyrim\Data\meshes\Weapons\The Lost Bladesman
and in Skyrim\Data the GreenDragonCrescentBlade.esp

Credits to

Maker of "The Lost Bladesman"
Bethesda Softworks