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A complex voiced companion inspired by Companion Vilja for Oblivion. Atvir Dres is the last known son of House Dres, one of the former Great Houses of Morrowind. In many ways, he is the Dunmer nation personified - and his fate is deeply and irrevocably tied to the destiny of his people.

Permissions and credits
After much consideration, I have decided to open this mod up to the public for further development. Personal responsibilities - and, truth be told, a certain amount of disillusionment with the direction in which Bethesda has decided to take the Elder Scrolls franchise - make it difficult for me to devote the time required to take Atvir any farther.

I'll admit there are mixed emotions for me here; I spent over a year and hundreds, if not thousands of hours on this project, and I feel a deep emotional attachment to the character. Nevertheless, this is the only option available to me at the moment, apart from leaving the work unfinished.

I encourage anyone interested in continuing Atvir's story to collaborate with other interested parties. The time requirements for this kind of project are immense, and it's very easy to become overwhelmed. I will be available for consultation - and possibly voice acting, down the road - through the Atvir Dres website, should a sufficiently organized effort to continue the mod develop.

Keep your eyes peeled for Let's Plays and/or new mods for other games coming from me in the future. My usual online aliases are JanusForbeare and Valkorus. I may have less time than I used to, but I'm a dedicated gamer at heart, and as exhausting as it was, I enjoyed every second of the mod development process.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has supported AD. It's been a sodding magnificent ride.

See you out there, fetchers. :)


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If you see AD available for download on any other sites, please advise us immediately.


AD is not subject to ESRB ratings, however, if it were, it would without question be rated M (17+).

My intention in writing this mod has been to develop a vibrant, living character who is a product of his environment; a companion with the potential for enormous character growth. I firmly believe that a character whose flaws overshadow his strengths is not only more interesting to the observer, but also more relatable. As a result, you will find Atvir to be an embittered, foul-mouthed, prejudiced Dark Elf, who doesn't pull any punches when it comes to his beliefs - however controversial they may be.

Future updates will expand upon these aspects of Atvir's personality, and allow the player to influence his development - for good or ill. For the time being, please understand that Atvir's actions and opinions should not be perceived as acceptable outside of a fantasy context, nor should they be considered to reflect the personal opinions of any member of the AD dev team.

“What do you think, fetcher? You think the baby-eaters would ever allow a son of Dres to return to his people?
No, my name is known to those in power. Should I cross that border today, I forfeit my life.
When I return, it will be at the head of a merciless host that will cleanse Morrowind with fire and sword!
Until that day comes, I will continue to be a native exile.”

-Atvir Dres
4E 201


Atvir Dres: The Last Prince of Tear was inspired by Emma's earth-shattering Oblivion mod, Companion Vilja. Like many of you, I was floored by the level of detail that had gone into the pretty young alchemist from Solstheim, and when Skyrim's release was announced, I became determined to follow in Emma's footsteps by bringing a new and vibrant personality into the world of Tamriel.

Atvir was inspired by Vilja and has some familiar mechanics - but the similarities end there. The last prince of Tear is an embittered young Dunmer rogue who has spent his life on the streets of Windhelm's Grey Quarter, and his experiences have taught him to distrust anyone but other Dark Elves. His prejudices against Argonians are especially strong: he blames them for the destruction of his homeland, and the loss of his birthright as a son of Dres. Nevertheless, patient players may find that beneath this tough and angry veneer lies a deep sensitivity... which may yet save his soul.

If you're new to The Elder Scrolls series and/or never had the opportunity to try Companion Vilja, then all you need to know is that Atvir is, when compared to the Vanilla followers, much more flexible, with a deeper backstory and a more complex personality. He is an attempt to bring the feeling of "party dynamics" that make games such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or the Ultima series so wildly popular to Skyrim.

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"Without question and beyond the shadow of a doubt the most immersive and amazing follower I have ever had. This character adds an unparreled level of hilarity and enjoyment to this game."

"This is amazing. I love him. ...I've been waiting for someone to come along and make a real companion."

"You've done such a great job fleshing him out. I wonder if you realize that this is now, already, the most fully realized, voiced *male* companion mod in any of the elder scrolls/fallout games?"


AD contains a number of unique follower mechanics, including:

[size=-1]-Hundreds of lines of fully-voiced dialogue (and counting!)

-Full companion functionality (wait, follow, favour state, plus a couple of extra options)

-Separate from Vanilla follower factions and scripts, reducing the chance of mod conflicts

-Atvir does not contribute to follower count

-Tracking quest to keep tabs on Atvir

-"Call Atvir" spell to summon him to your side

-Summonable, mountable steed (named Bellekynd, or "Thundering Sky" in old Ayleid) for Atvir

-Dialogue-driven "Set Home" and "Set hangout" (morning, afternoon, and evening) options

-Dialogue-driven outfit override, allowing Atvir to equip any armour you give him

Of course, at this early stage, there are still many features we have yet to institute. Some of these include:

[size=-1]-Unique weapons and armour for Atvir, with custom meshes and textures (currently under construction)

-A custom skin for Atvir (currently under construction)

-A "rival" mode that can be activated if Atvir's disposition drops low enough

-A "romance" subplot

-A variety of dialogue options and plotlines, dependent on the player's race and background

-Thieves' tools and deployable traps

-Black market contacts for players who are not members of the thieves' guild

-And much more![/size]


0.29 (Atvir Expanded teaser)

[size=-1]-Gave Atvir a 15% chance to brawl with any non-hostile Argonian he meets. This combat is non-lethal, and is triggered by "Actor Hello Events" (See for details).

-Added two new dialogue commands that activate and deactivate Armor Swap Mode. When armor swap mode is active, Atvir will always equip the armor he's given most recently.

0.28 (Quickfixes)

[size=-1]-Added a number of files omitted in earlier versions. This corrects issues users were experiencing with Atvir's introductory quest.[/size]

0.27 (Quickfixes)

[size=-1]-Added script omitted in earlier versions

-Archived Atvir's voice files in a .BSA, to prevent FUZ-XWM/WAV conflicts.

IMPORTANT: 0.25 or 0.26 users who are updating their copy of AD should delete the contents of ...Data/Sound/Voice/Atvir.esp/JFADAtvirVoice/ before running 0.27 or later versions.

0.26 (Quickfixes)

[size=-1]-Substituted ale for flin (a custom item only available at the Cornerclub) in Atvir's introductory quest.

-Added a GetDistance function to Atvir's Bellekynd summon script. The horse will no longer be summoned if it's nearby, Atvir will simply mount it.

-Tightened Atvir's follow distance (foot and mounted, though he'll still trail behind farther while mounted than he will on foot)


Project A.D. is currently looking for additional 3D artists for the design of custom meshes and textures. If you are skilled in the use of 3Dsmax, Blender, Gimp, Nifskope, and/or the CK, and would like to join a thriving, growing project, please contact JanusForbeare with a link to examples of your past work.