aMidianBorn Iron and Banded Armor by CaBaL
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Added: 24/06/2012 - 06:52PM
Updated: 06/09/2016 - 11:22PM

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Last updated at 23:22, 6 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 18:52, 24 Jun 2012

Distribution permission: This file is a Nexus-exclusive release, please respect my decision and DO NOT reupload it elsewhere... I did not give, or want to give permission for any kind of reupload.

versions up to V3 are available as modder resources JUST on nexus sites, be sure to give proper credit if you use them.

>>> HD texture replacer for iron set and iron-banded set

>>> same resolution as official hi-res dlc-textures

>>> as usual, anything has been redone from scratch

>>> this work should be compatible with anything including mods using part of parts of iron set

>>> textures are available in 2 style variants.. slightly different , with and without engravings, and different size 1k-2k-4k. just use the one that fits better your needs.

>>> INSTALLATION: just drop the "textures-folder" inside your data-folder or use nexus mod manager.

big big thanks to daMiriam and Zeroking for pictures and testing for current release
(screenshots taken with 2k release candidate)