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This location MOD is as follows;
(Not require the DawnGuard contents)

Intention of my mod (You dont have to read my personal intention ^ ^):
At first place (After few weeks of release of the Skyrim), I wanted to make town citizens (such as Ysolda/Ingun Blair/Rorik... etc) to follow me. And also I want the same thing from some special NPCs who cannot be follower due to the key-quest giver Balgraaf/Ulfric/Tulius/Mercer... etc).

So I made several crones of them by the CK for my own use. still I felt alittle bit hollow just put my NPCs in the town or somewhere, so I decided to make some town where my Lore-base followers can live.

In a sense this town mod itself is my home (or i would like rather to say Player's home ^ ^). When we want some help from the citizens of my mod, we can point them and type "bat friend" (in the console). And I made them various types of combat (1 handed/2 handed/ Dual/ Element/ Con). They are not essential but they are Re-spawning NPCs.

Saiodin (The author of Skyrim Mod Series) introduced my mod as follows;

(Thank you very much Saiodin ^ ^)

(Thank you very much ImDespise ^ ^)

1. Pirates Coast-"like" town
Ummm,,,, the town is actually not evil pirates. I want it "Pirate-like".
The town is connected to Skyrim world by a Loading-door.
The loading door is very near the Solitude SwarmMill near Solitude.(Map marker added)
I show you the place in the pic.

2. Town includes the followings
Coast Town
\\ Cafe bar (Alchemy sign)

\\ Wine bar (Winking skeever sign)

\\ Mead bar

\\ Black smith

\\ Player Rest House (I put 2 iron helms as a Dova sign)
--> 2 butlers/bed/Non-respawn chests
--> Player private crafting space

3. Town people ready to follow
3.1 Stats of Town NPCs
I set town people (such as Companions/ DB initiates/ Thieves members/ Colledge mages/ etc.. ) to be ready to fight by giving them many useful combat perks/skills/spells. So when they level according to your char level, they will be able to cast strong spells/ to manuver skills.

I will list up all the stats of them later, but if you open my mod by the Creation Kit, you can see the stats by searching with a keyword "MHST001" in the Actor tree.

I put major skills on their name, such as "Astrid Fire DualWield". So please refer to their name for their major skills.

3.2 How to have town NPCs follow you
If you want my town people follow you as a Follower, use my optional BAT FILE.
I suppose you know how to use a BAT FILE, though,,,,
Or make a BAT file by yourself by including the following sentences;

setrelationshiprank player 4
addfac 19809 1
addfac 5c84d 1
addfac 5a1a4 1

4. About Gray-faced NPCs
I put FaceGen file in Optional, so please put the folder in your;

Download "FaceGen file NMM friendly" and activate this in NMM. (Updated on 2012.07.16)

5. About replica Airship
It just stay doesnt fly around...

6. Known problems
- If you have many followers (such as 10 @[email protected]), the loading to the bars may stop.
i assume this is because the place is CPU-heavy.

- When you use my BAT file to a follower in the mist-heavy place like in the bar,
first "disable" the fog/mist, then use the "bat friend".

7. My other mod
- Marians Lake Port Riften
Another town mod

- Marians usual tools
When you feel dull on your follower/enemies/your char, try this ^ ^

- Marians Splash Markarth
Another town mod

8. Lastly
Initially this mod was for my own use, so i made this with my taste.
But as long as i upload the mod, i always listen to your advice/opinion. o/ o/

Anyway sorry for the inconveniences in DLing or other things...
I still havent understood much about uploading a MOD... T_T

<<<< Updates Planning >>>

- Add several rooms for Storm cloak sols/Imp sols in the bar.
- Add short mining/gathering dungeon

- And some suggestions from you ~~~~ o/ o/
(Though i am humble modder, so Quests kinda are out of range T_T)
(And Quests scripts always bugging lol)