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Adjusts the speeds of the player, NPCs, horses and many creatures to give a more realistic feel, while maintaining a good game flow.

Permissions and credits
This mod seeks to adjust the ludicrous vanilla movement speeds to a more realistic level.
Most noticible, it reduces the general movement speed by about 20%, but also changes the combat dynamic by adjusting strafing speed and the speeds of some creatures.

Some examples for change in gameplay experience to expect from this mod:

- It's a lot less painful to follow walking NPCs
- You don't fly through hallways like a dart
- Trigger a hall full of flamethrowers? You probably won't make it to the other site before they ignite
- You probably won't be able to kiss a orc on the nose and get out before he flattens your skull
- Having a horse actually feels meaningful again
- NPCs charging into battle don't look like they're ice skating
- Prisoner escorts don't look like they're on a Sunday afternoon walk
- Archers will get a few more shots on you, before you can close in

The result is a much more realistic feel to the general movement, while maintaining a good game flow and in my opinion actually improving it.


I recommend using NMM for installation or even easier head to the Steam Workshop and subscribe.

If you prefer manual installation put "Realistic Running Speed.esp" in "./steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data" and activate it in the launcher under "Data Files"

Note: This mod does not change values for the speedmultiplier but for the base speed. So make sure you haven't set player.setav speedmult to anything but the default 100 or you won't get the intended effect of this mod.


Installation vice versa


You are free to use this mod for a compilation as long as you give credit.


This mod comes "as is" and unfortunately hasn't been tested with Dawnguard, since I'm not really playing Skyrim at the moment. This update is a service to the people who still use and love the mod.

Version history

- redone in cretion kit
- fixed "block runner" bug
- adjusted the speed of many creatures to better match the player

- tweaked the walking speed with sheathed weapon (incl. magic)

- fixed movement speed while weapon is sheathed (incl. magic) not being affected by the changes
- fixed 3rd person slow downs/speed ups

- tweaked sneak run and walk speed
- tweaked strafing and backwards running speed

- fixed placebo effect (.esp file mixup - now the mod actually does what it's supposed to)
- fixed archive file structure

- Initial release