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Adds spells to conjure a chest, as well as all types of vanilla crafting furniture. Allows for convenient storage, smithing, alchemy, enchanting, cooking and wood chopping for the adventurer on the go!

Permissions and credits

(Thanks to Gopher!)


  • Added "Banish All" spell, which will un-summon all furniture, including the chest and mobile luggage, in the current area. It currently will not work on distant furniture items (i.e. if you left a summoned Anvil in Windhelm, it won't disappear if you cast the spell while standing in Markarth). The tome for this spell can be found in the chest.
  • Casting the spell for a nearby furniture item will "move" it instead of creating a duplicate object. Like with the Banish All spell, this will currently only work within a reasonable distance.
  • The mobile luggage will now completely ignore all friendly hits.
  • The Anvil spell tome should now be in its proper place in the chest

    A simple mod I originally made for personal convenience, but have expanded to cover a broader range of uses. It adds a spell which lets you conjure a chest (or many other kinds of crafting utilities) just about anywhere, that lets you store any number of items and make them completely portable. Think of it as unlimited Cloud storage in Skyrim.
    Cast the spell for the desired item, and it will appear directly in front of you. To send the item away, activate it and choose the "Banish" option instead of the normal usage option.

    The latest version of the mod includes a spell to summon the Mobile Luggage. This device will follow you around automatically, and acts as a second Conjurable Chest.
    Take note that summoning it will most likely get rid of any creatures you currently have summoned. However, once it appears, you will be free to summon more things again, since at that point it no longer counts towards your summoned creatures limit. It will stay with you until you banish it by activating it and selecting the "Banish Luggage" option.

    In addition to the chest, spells are included which allow you to summon any one of these pieces of equipment:[list]
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Anvil
  • Arcane Enchanter
  • Bed
  • Cooking Pot
  • Grindstone
  • Smelter
  • Tanning Rack
  • Wood Chopping Block
  • Workbench
  • NEW Mobile Luggage

There is also a Configuration lesser power available, that lets you choose whether you would like to banish the objects with the default message box system, or by activating them while sneaking.

The Spell Tome can be found in Farengar's back room in Dragonsreach - go through the door to the left of the Alchemy table, then turn right. It is on the desk, near the wall.
It also has a chance to appear in the inventories of general goods merchants, or anyone who sells spell tomes.
The spell tomes for the rest of the items can be found inside the chest.
Alternatively, you can enter "help chest 4" into the console, then use PageUp until you see the SPELL item, and use "Player.addspell " commands to give yourself the spells straight away.

Also available on the Steam Workshop


Avoid summoning the chest inside Jarls' Palaces, as this has been known to create a major glitch that keeps the chest from appearing again. Fortunately, this can be fixed by restarting the game.

It is best to cast the spells on even ground, away from walls, and in areas with a decent amount of empty space. Otherwise, the items will clip into your surroundings and may be inaccessible.

Do not leave random summoned furniture around in the game world, unless you are eager to tempt the Save Bloat Gods. ALWAYS banish an item when you are done using it (you can always re-summon it later in another location).

DO NOT leave the chest or mobile luggage in any cells or worlds added by other mods. If you uninstall that mod, the chest (and anything you have stored in it) will be lost. You could do a clean save and reinstall this mod to get the chest working again, but your items will still be gone.


Installing is as simple as extracting the .esp and .bsa to your Skyrim/Data directory, or using NMM.


Remove ANYTHING you have stored in the Chest and Luggage. Banish ALL summoned containers and furniture. Quit the game, uninstall the mod via NMM or remove the .esp and .bsa from your Data directory.


  • On rare occasion, in interior cells, the chest will not load in properly and its model will be invisible. If this happens, immediately banish it, then wait until you have transitioned to another cell or world space before summoning it again.

German (Deutsch) Translation now available under Optional Files