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Made a follower out of my current character. She will scale with you up to 80 and is set to essential currently. Belongs to player faction and is marryable and works with UFO.

She is a sneaky rogue type with perks for illusion, stealth, and light armor. She does not have weapon perks, but she DOES have almost the entire stealth tree. She won't trigger pressure plates! She also has night vision so she shouldnt act like a bonehead when sneaking in a dungeon.

She works part time at the Bee and Barb in Riften often relaxing on the second floor taking a break from cleaning after dirty men and her thieving lifestyle.

Make sure you have Apachii hair installed for her to work properly.

should mention I also use bellas faces... but you dont need it.. she will look fine without it just a touch more vanilla-ey