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The purpose of this modification is to bring the player a feeling that he is truly a powerful mage. When you get to higher levels in Skyrim, you quickly get bored at the vanilla spells. That is the reason why I created this spell-bundle, to give you more power, to give you a feeling that you are a powerful mage, to give you feeling that you really are the Dragonborn.

This is a compilation of all my spells and powers. This modification brings 30 new unique spells to Skyrim and more is coming. This mod also brings a godly weapons and armors with nicely detailed custom textures. I have created a new book for my spells with custom textures.

-New spell - Fortify Carry Weight.
-Clear Weather spell fixed.

-Master The Space-Time Continuum
-Force Throw
-Force Push
-Force Bash
-Force Fire
-Force Ice
-Force Lightning
-Mass Force
-Force Grip
-Speeding Bullet
-The Fists Of Epirus
-Poison Cloak
-Frozen Shards
-Hands Of Waterwalking
-Fire Burst
-Ice Burst
-Healing Beam
-Force Cloak
-Drain Life Cloak
-Clear Weather
-Soul Ripper
-Lightning Ball
-Shock Ball
-Red Spirit
-Cure Disease
-Fortify Carry Weight

The Bow Of Epirus

Before the dawn of man or beast, immortals waged war against each other. The Epirus Bow, a weapon of immense power, weapon of the Gods, were lost on Skyrim during the war. Find the Epirus bow to either use it or to destroy it. Learn the true power of the Gods.

This mod brings player the Epirus Bow. Player can disenchant the bow and learn it's effects. After disenchanting the weapon, player can enchant any weapon with the Power Of The Gods enchantment.

The Bow Of Niflheimr

A godly weapon, once owned by the mighty Icegod Niflheimr. Find this lost bow of icegod and freeze your enemies.

The Elgir - Battleaxe of Epirus

The mighty battleaxe of Epirus.

Magical Gauntlets Of Epirus
-Instructions of use-

-Only equip the gauntlets from the armor section of your invertory.

-You can wear the gauntlets as a part of armor, but they are also a weapon. If you equip another weapon when wearing the gauntlets, you will have to re-equip the gauntlets if you want the Epirus effect to activate.

*New armor with some nice stats and magical effects. Can be crafted and improved at the forge. Both versions available( Male and Female)
*Required items: Ebony ingot(5), Refined Moonstone(2), Leather Strips(3) and Filled Grand Soulgem(1).
*Ebony smithing perk required.
*Armor has a little bit better stats than Daedric Armor.
Resist Magic: 15%,
Health increased: 50 points,
Regenerate Magic: 150% faster,
Magic Increased: 50 points,
Fortify Archery: 10%

Tarquan The Master Of Time is located in Whiterun's Dragonsreach. He is usually wandering around, doing his own stuff. Sometimes he can be hard to find.

Eorlund Gray-Mane sells the bows, the battleaxe and the magical gauntlets of epirus. Eorlund is a citizen of Whiterun and he is usually working at Skyforge.

If you have my previous standalone spells installed. Delete all of them, exept the ones that aren't on the list. If you have already installed some version of this mod, just overwrite the files.

-Download the file.
-Extract the content to your Skyrim/Data folder.
-Launch Skyrim and make sure that the mod is marked to load in the game. You can check this in
Data files section.
-Play the game.

Latest Skyrim update. 1.9 at the moment. This mod won't work correctly without the update.


-Epirus bow is incompatible with Auto-unequip arrows mod.

If you want to know what I'm currently working with, check my site.


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