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For the culinary martial artist in you.

Current items:

Originally released on the Skyrim Workshop. This is a small nod to Fable: The Lost Chapters wherein you can find a frying pan with some poor soul's face impressed into it. There are two versions: those with faces and those without.

Dagger and Mace: 1024x2048 texture. 1k Polys
Greatsword: 1024x2048 texture. 1k Polys
Staff: 2048x2048 texture, 1.2k Polys

The damage is about on par with steel weaponry, same value, a bit heavier, and higher stagger stats. Yes, nearly as strong as steel. Why? Cast iron really hurts...

You'll need iron ingots, charcoal (the sticks), and some ale to craft and temper these (Listed under iron). The staff requires garlic in addition to the other materials; no tempering. No perks required to craft.

Why the ale? I was originally looking for Nord mead, but you can pretty much use any alcoholic beverage to cook with. That, and I couldn't find the Nord Mead entry in the Materials dropdown menu (a lot of entries and Ale's entry was called "Ale") . I suppose I could add food to the recipe (got to polish it somehow).

The staff has an enchantment that will shoot flames and, if the enemy is undead, stagger them.

Release 1.1:
Added Frying Pan of Immolation (Staff)

Release 1.1.1:
Switched to "Charcoal" Charcoal, not "Charcoal" Coal in recipes. Doubled amount of Charcoal required since it is a more common (and mostly useless) item.

Credits to Bethesda for the Draugr, Giant, and Thalmor textures I ripped the faces out of and the Garlic model/textures I used for the staff.

There are two versions of the mod: One with faces and one without. Choose one (or both), extract the bsa and esp to your SkyrimData folder, and add them to your load order.

Skyrim Workshop links:
Without Faces:
With Faces: