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I took it upon myself to add requirements to newermind43's Newermind Bow Collection. Many thanks go out to him for making what is quite likely the best collection of custom bows available for Skyrim. They only had one flaw, their being massively overpowered and i was sure as hell not going to nerf such incredible weapons, so instead i raised their requirements almost excessively, so that crafting one would feel like a real achievement as even the humblest Newermind bow is more powerful then a Daedric bow so-

I've now added all but the Alduin Dragon Bow to the boss loot chests if thats the version you choose to download. As Ebony bows are level 36, the Newermind bows will start from 45 up to 75.

*The upgrading cost is half the price of the crafting cost
*Ignore Lvl-No. unless you download the boss chest leveled version

Alduin Dragon Bow Dmg-29
Dragon Armour Perk - Daedric Smithing Perk - 50 Dragon Bones - 50 Dragon Scales - 6 Black Soul Gems Filled
Old Requirements
1 Corundum - 2 Dragon Scales

Composite Modern Bow28 Lvl-75
Ebony Smithing Perk - 22 Ebony Ingots - 22 Refined Malachite Ingots - 20 Dwemer Gyros
Old Requirements
1 Iron Ingot - 2 Refined Malachite Ingots

Mammoth Bow Dmg-25 Lvl-70
Ebony Smithing Perk - 20 Mammoth Tusks - 50 Bone Meals - 20 Silver Ingots
Old Requirements
2 Mammoth Tusks

Dragon Bone Bow Dmg-22 Lvl-65
Dragon Armour Perk - 18 Corundum Ingots - 18 Ebony Ingots - 20 Dragon Bones - 20 Dragon Scales
Old Requirements
2 Corundum Ingots - 1 Dragon Bone

Chaurus Bow Dmg-22 Lvl-60
Ebony Smithing Perk - 16 Corundum Ingots - 16 Ebony Ingots - 20 Chaurus Chitin- 40 Chaurus Eggs
Old Requirements
1 Corundum Ingot - 2 Chaurus Chitin

Dwarven Modern Bow Dmg-20 Lvl-55
Dwarven Smithing Perk - 20 Iron Ingots - 14 Dwarven Ingots - 20 Dwarven Oils
Old Requirements
1 Iron Ingot - 2 Dwarven Ingots

Human Bone Bow Dmg-19 Lvl-50
Orcish Smithing Perk - 12 Corundum Ingots - 20 Human Skulls - 40 Bone Meals
Old Requirements
1 Corundum Ingot - 2 Human Skulls

Sprigan Bow Dmg-18 Lvl-45
Elven Smithing Perk - 10 Corundum Ingots - 10 Firewood - 6 Spriggan Saps
Old Requirements
1 Corundum Ingot - 4 Firewood

As i said the upgrading cost is half the price of the crafting cost

For Reference, Vanilla bow damage
Daedric Bow 18
Ebony Bow 16
Glass Bow 14
Dwarven Bow 10
Elven Bow 12
Orcish Bow 09

Place Newermind Bow Collection.esp into the Skyrim/Data folder over writing the original Newermind Bow Collection.esp

The original Newermind Bow Collection IS required and can be found here

*The bows can be found in their original locations regardless of smithing perks needed
*Alduin Dragon Bow needs filled Black Soul Gems even though it DOESN'T say "Filled"
*The leveled list version alters the leveled loot list for boss chests, you may want to use something like Wrye Bash to combine the leveled list with other mods to avoid conflicts.

Thanks again to newermind43 for his incredible Newermind Bow Collection