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Increase the effectiveness of your poisons in Skyrim today! Become the ultimate assassin with the use of poisons! Please use responsibly.

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This mod aims to increase the effectiveness of poisons in Skyrim.
If you like this mod, please consider endorsing or leaving comments. Your input is always greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy.

This mod increases the amount of damage poisons do, making them much more effective than their vanilla counterparts.

[OPTIONAL] Download the "Poison Traps" mod to increase the damage of poison traps!

Weak Lingering Poison - 2 for 15 sec = 30
Lingering Poison - 4 for 15 sec = 60
Potent Lingering Poison - 6 for 15 sec = 90
Malign Lingering Poison - 8 for 15 sec = 120
Deadly Lingering Poison - 12 for 15 sec = 180

Weak Poison - 5 for 5 sec = 25
Poison - 10 for 5 sec = 50
Potent Poison - 15 for 5 sec = 75
Virulent Poison - 20 for 5 sec = 100
Deadly Poison - 30 for 5 sec = 150

Frostbite Venom - 5 for 15 sec = 75

Poison Traps: Deals damage over 30 seconds. 90 damage in all. Increases with player level.

Adding support for Poisons created with Alchemy!
If this mod is received well, I will consider improving other poisons, such as Magicka Damage and Stamina Damage.

If you have a suggestion for any of the poisons or spot a bug, please leave a comment! I will acknowledge your suggestions if I use them.

v2.1 Remade mod. Fixed bugs in Alchemy created poisons: Several ingredients were not registering as "Deadly Damage" poisons and had smaller / incompatible values. This has been remedied.
I've also added an optional mod based on a suggestion by Shadeybladey. This optional mod tweaks the damages of poison traps.
Several changes made in previous versions of this mod were reverted due to being somewhat tangential to the purpose of making player poisons stronger. (If you are looking for stronger poison attacks from monsters, try increasing the difficulty of the game.)
v2.0 By popular demand, this mod now supports Poisons created with Alchemy!
v1.2 Per a statement by Semtex, I have increased the damage of the poison bites and spit of frostbite spiders. I have also increased the damage of Spriggan poison claw attacks and Chaurus spit and bites.
v1.1 Changed Weak Lingering Poison for consistency. Per gunsynd's request, increased damage of Frostbite Venom.
v1.0 Initial Release.

NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) Installation is highly recommended.
To manually install, extract the compressed files into your Skyrim installation directory.

Delete "KDC - kevinsterable - Deadly Stronger Poisons" from your Data folder.