Spider Room for Lis - Dark Brotherhood Spider by Shishiwashi
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Warning: Contain spoilers about the Dark Brotherhood Quest!


If you want silent spiders, there is a Mod that does that:
But you should be warned that this Mod will silent every spider in game (just the walking sound).

Update: version 1.1 solves the problem with the NPC asking you to leave after midnight.

Update: The silent version of the spiders is not working properly (they are still noisy). I'll notify if I manage to solve this issue. For now, just download the regular version.


About this Mod:

I always hated the Dark Brotherhood tragic ending, but for sure the one thing that i hated most was the death of Lis, Gabriella's Spider.

This Mod brings Lis back in the new sanctuary in Dawnstar, and she is not alone anymore.

I took the liberty of refurnishing one of the empty rooms in the Dawnstar Sanctuary, transforming it into a well suited home for a giant spider to live with her family.

I also created another spider, a male model (a bit smaller than Lis; male spiders usually are smaller than females). This new spider is called Sam, but his name can be easily changed in the Creator Kit if anyone has a nicer name for him.

I also created Lis's hatchings, a group of eight small spiders that follow Lis. I don't know if spiders are allowed to be cute, but Lis's babies are simply adorable.

It is important to say that all spiders are non-agressive toward the player: their behaviour is identical to the original Lis. They are peaceful, but if you attack any of them, every Dark Brotherhood member starts hunting you down, including all the new spiders.

The last thing I created was a new NPC: Gabriella's little sister, the frostbite specialist Marianne. She is also a new member of the Dark Brotherhood and lives inside the room with all the spiders. She also sell spider related things: from spider eggs to Lis's leftovers (human flesh, mostly). She is also an available follower, but personally I would leave her there, taking care of Lis's offspring.


There shouldn't be any problem with this file. As it only adds stuff inside Dawnstar Sanctuary, it shouldn't conflict with any Dark Brotherhood quest. Maybe there will be problems with other Mods that changes the Dawnstar Sanctuary, but it's just speculation.

It also should work fine with any Mods that changes original Dark Brotherhood equipment, Dark Brotherhood quests or even Dark Brotherhood NPC's, since I just added original characters.

The only possible conflict I can imagine is with a Mod that mess around with the NPC Lis, giving it ability to talk or something like that or turning it into a relevant character for a custom quest. It is something weird that should not happen, anyway, so this Mod is safe.

If any problem is found, please contact me so I can fix it.


Just download the only downloadable file and extract the .esp inside the .rar on the Data folder (it is usually located inside Program files/steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim in your pc).