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Adds a large player Castle with followers, merchants, guards, smithing forge, alchemy set, alchemy garden, enchanter, containers, beds etc.

Permissions and credits

Adds a Castle for the player but you will need to defeat the Hostile Centurion guarding the castle to obtain the Key

= Location
North East of Riften
(OPTIONAL VERSION) South East of Rorikstead

= Installation
- Download Main File v1.55 and extract the .ZIP or .RAR archive with Winrar, 7zip or any similar tool of your choice
- Open the folder you just extracted and copy the MESHES, TEXTURES folders and .ESP file over to your Skyrim Data folder in
(:Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data)
(:Program Files/The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data)
- Activate the ESP with either the game's default launcher or using Nexus Mod Manager

= Updating Instructions
- Before updating from old version to V1.55, remove all stored items inside the Kitchen first

= Features
- Beds
- Containers
- Weapon Racks
- Weapon Plaques
- Shield Plaques
- Display Cases
- Mannequins
- Forge
- Smelter
- Grinding Wheel
- Tanning Rack
- Library
- Bookshelves
- Arcane Enchanter
- Alchemy Table
- Alchemist's Garden
- All 9 Divine Shrines
- All 13 Guardian Stones
- 3 New Followers
- Guards
- Bard
- Maids
- Merchants
- Blacksmith / Armor and Weapon Merchant
- Chef / Food Merchant
- Stewardess / Misc Merchant
- Court Wizard / Magic Merchant
- Fully Navmeshed Exterior and Interiors

= Follower Stats
- Captain of the Guard (2Handed, LightArmor, Restoration, Sneak)
- Bard (Conjuration, LightArmor, Archery, Sneak)
- Court Wizard (Destruction, LightArmor, Restoration, Sneak)

= Notes
- If there are missing NPCs when you enter the Castle just leave the area and wait for 1-2 days then come back, the NPCs should be back in their place
- for any other bugs you might encounter like CTDs etc. try changing your Load Order, try loading this on Last or First, and also look for any conflicting mods you have activated
- make sure you pasted the Textures, Meshes and ESP in the correct location
- if NPCs in the castle have "gray faces" make sure that the textures and meshes folder are in the correct places OR open Creation Kit and select all the NPCs in this mod and press Ctrl + F4 to export the facegen data to fix the bug

= Change Log
- V1 Initial Release
- V1.1 Fully Functional Bard, added some torches in the Armory, Player Bedroom and Guest Bedrooms
- V1.2 Fixed a Few Exterior Building holes, Reworked the Staircase in the King's Hall, Castle Guards and Maids and Etc. now call you Thane, Reduced Shadow Stripping in the King's Hall and Kitchen, Fixed a rare crash when loading a save game near the Exterior of the Castle
- V1.3 Added all 13 Guardian stones inside the Divine Halls, a few aesthetic changes in the Divine Halls, Added 3 more Mannequins and slightly redesigned the Armory and the stairway in the Armory
- V1.31BETA Added a very W.I.P. Trophy Room (does not have scripts yet, its far from done but when finished, the items, stuffed creatures, daedric artifacts etc. will only appear if you have obtained them, so on the finished version the trophy room will start empty then you can fill them), added 3 new followers, the Captain of the Guard, Bard and Court Wizard can now be hired as followers and can also be married, increased merchant gold, added fully funtioning Shield Plaques and Display Cases and some minor map tweaks
- V1.4 Added Guard's Quarters, Dungeon, Alchemist's Garden, exterior stairs for easier access to the Castle, fixed shadow stripping (thanks to forum42087) , removed the "Trophy Room" because i cannot get it to work the way i want to
- V1.5 Added Library with Bookshelves than can support over 1000+ books, Enlarged the Armory and added more Weapon Racks, Shield Plaques, Mannequins and Display Cases, Replaced the Red Imperial Banners with Custom Red Banners
- V1.51 Fixes the bug where Mannequins would undress their armors when the cell containing them is left for several in-game weeks by placing the Armory cell in a NoResetZone as suggested by GlyphDM
- V1.55 All interiors now use different lighting styles for Day/Night cycles, Fixes the false wall inside one of the dungeon cells
- V1.55 OPTIONAL LOCATION added, moved the Castle from the snowy mountains near Riften to the plains near Rorikstead

= Credits
- Bethesda
- Me
- forum42087 for fixing shadow stripping
GlyphDM for fixing Mannequin bug

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