RV Vampire eyes by Pema Mendez
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Added: 28/11/2011 - 07:57PM
Updated: 03/01/2013 - 07:33AM

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Last updated at 7:33, 3 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 19:57, 28 Nov 2011

New Vampire eyes
by: Pema Mendez

Update: apparently, something happened to the eye glow fix, it's no longer there, or it's currently bugged and the link doesn't work...anyway, I've included non-glow eyes! so the fix is no longer needed.

still... kudos to the creator of that fix @Renegadeof79

new vampire eye texture based on the ones in Rosario+Vampire manga

I made this mod because I didn't liked the vanilla vamp eyes.

if you want to change it, upgrade it, modify it... or whatever, just make sure to give me credits

just copy, paste and replace the Data folder and you're done :)

Oblivion version:

Known Issues:

-I have no idea what's wrong with invisibility that f**ks up the eyes.


ME!!! :D

Pema Mendez

I'm really not that active on the nexus message stuff so if you want to contact me pls do it on my DeviantArt or twitter lol

thanks to @Allexia on the comments for being so awesome
thanks to @Renegadeof79 for his awesome eye fix
and thanks to @Darius135 for reminding me this mod existed