Feed on Animals and Creatures as a Werewolf Without Dawnguard by BoggleVel
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If you're anything like me, the idea of eating humans wasn't very strong for you as a Werewolf. I play as a "good" character so to say, and this irritated me that I had to essentially be a cannibal to survive. Which was very inconsistent with a book in Daggerfall, titled On Lycanthropy.

"Perhaps it is because they are doomed that makes lycanthropes so aggressive. I have removed the contents of a werewolf's stomach and found more remnants of roots and berries than animal flesh. My conclusion is that they do not need to attack and devour humans to survive. Yet, for some reason they do. Does lycanthropy drive them mad, or do lycanthropes feel the need to spread the disease as a form of procreation? I do not know. I am not certain that any of us who are not lycanthropes ourselves will ever know. And then, of course, it's too late."

I have made a simple tweak that allows Werewolves to also feast on other animals, such as bears, horkers, giants, falmer, etc.  This mod is intended to be a light, scriptless change.  Adding berries and other oddities to this list would take a lot of scripting, and would stray from what I wished to create.


Nexus Mod Manager
1. Click download with manager
2. The manager will take care of the rest.
3. Make sure that FeedOnAnimalsAndCreatures.esp is checked.
4. Play.

1. Download the file
2. Unpack the .RAR's contents into your Skyrim Folder.
3. Activate the mod in your load order, which is under data files in your launcher. Make sure that FeedOnAnimalsAndCreatures.esp is checked.
4. Play.


Only tested on the Vanilla game, no tested compatibility with any other Werewolf mods or official Bethesda DLC.  Use with any of these at your own risk.