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A custom set of Diamond edged weapons. (Long sword, Great sword, Bow, Mace, War Axe, Battle Axe, Halberd, Spears, and Gemstone Arrows).+//NEW UPDATE FO DAWNGUARD USERS: CROSSBOWS AND BOLTS\\ Still more to come. Stay tuned!!!

/ Also Available: Diamond Armor Smithing:

Update: Crossbows 1.0
~New File added under main files for dawnguard users.
~added Gemstone Crossbows, and bolts. Simply put, its everything from my archery mod in crossbow form.

Update: 3.1
-added soul trap arrow, unlocked with arcane blacksmith perk, requires grand soul gem to craft
-Enchanted Garnet Arrow: 50% chance to stagger, if the target is already staggered 50% chance to knockback. (If you have Power Shot archery perk there is a chance that the effects will combine for an instant knockback)
-Enchanted Fury Arrow: Illusion perks like rage and master mind increas the effectiveness
-Enchanted Ruby Arrow: 10 points of fire dmg, 25%chance to stagger, hazard lasts 10 seconds
-Enchanted Sapphire Arrow: 15 points of frost dmg, 25% chance to freeze, hazard lasts 10 seconds
-Enchanted Emerald Arrow: 20 points poison dmg, 25% chance to paralize, hazard lasts 15 seconds
-Enchanted Diamond Arrow: 25 points shock dmg, +Ench Garnet effect, hazard lasts 15 seconds
-fixed incorrect perk assignments on the sapphire bow

Update 3.0
-redesigned bow
-added bows for all gem types
-added light effects to all arrows to make them easier to locate arrows that missed their target
-added Enchanted Elemental arrow
//You can now use flawless gems plus another rare ingredent to make Enchanted Arrow\\
~Garnet= Concusive Blast (Knocks enemies back)
~Amethyst= Fury (Target attacks anything in sight fo 60 seconds)
~Ruby= Fire Damage (leaves fire hazard for 30 seconds)
~Sapphire= Ice (chance to frezes target in ice, leaves Bizzard hazard for 30 seconds)
~Emerald= Posion Damage (chance to paralize target, leaves poison gas hazard for 30 seconds)
~Diamond= Shock Damage (Knocks enemies back, leaves shock hazard for 30 seconds)

[Also available is a optional support mod that will let you break down un-enchanted jewelry for one gemstone.]

Update 2.0
-added 5 new weapons, Mace, War Axe, Battle Axe, Halberd, and Spear
-fixed a bug preventing Dawnguard Dragonbone weapons from being tempered
-Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald weapons now have a Heavy and Light vesion to prevent them from being over powered if the player has both perks. Stats are the same for either weight
-halberds are based off the Battle Axe, they do a little less damage but have a faster swing speed and a much longer reach. Spears in turn do less damage but are even faster. They both look great on horseback and almost makes mounted melee combat viable.

Update 1.2
-adds gemstone daggers, and swords
-fixes incorrect texture on Sapphire Arrows
-enhanced textures and lengthened swords
-adds transpanrency to arrows

Craftable at the forge. Each Gem type is unlocked as you progress at smithing.
-Sapphire=Advanced Armor(Steel)/Orcish
-Diamond=Dragonbone(Dawngaurd)***{Dawngaurd is not required}***

Cost for smithing is modest. I thought about making it more expensive but didn\'t want to get carried away. Flawless Diamonds are rare and expensive. I want people to try it out.

~Arrows~ Gem x1, Firewood x1
~Bow~ Flawless Gem x1, Firewood x2, Gold Ingot x1, Leather Strips x1
Temper (Gem x1, Leather Strips x1)
~Sword/dagger/mace/waraxe~ Flawless Gem x1, Gold Ingot x1, Steel Ingot x1, Leather Strips x1
(Gem x1, Steel Ingot x1)
~Greatsword/battleaxe/halberd/spear~ Flawless Gem x2, Gold Ingot x1, Steel Ingot x1, Leather Strips x1
(Gem x1, Steel Ingotx1)

If you are not a purest you can always use the console commands to give yourself any item. Simply press the ~ key. then type \"help diamond\". note the item code of the weapon you want, then type \"player.additem xxxxxxxx 1\". The x\'s representing the Item code, and the 1 at the end is the number of items you want. Enjoy