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IMPORTANT: look for the Further Differences file description in the bottom of the text, if you think the basic file have not enough differences.

************************************************************************************************************************** *****************************************

The first time I played Skyrim I was annoyed because the light armor perks outmatch in long run those of heavy armor, and it was illogical that some perks in heavy armor were nearly useless.
However I did not like the mods that modify the armor perks because none of them are realistic, or they simply convert the original feeling of the game in an attempt to convert the player in a sort of God with infinite armor. So I modified my own game but I tried; carefully; to not overcompensate the heavy armor for the lack of usefulness in the vanilla game, in fact I tried to make a real difference between the two types of armor. Now both types have strong differences but are perfectly viable to any kind of character- or play- style. I like both armors so I am not focusing to any type of armor.

(English is not my native language sorry for the errors; I will fix them when detected)

--Heavy armor: This type of armor is oriented for warriors that prefer to engage combat directly, with emphasis in might and strength but without sacrificing defensive capacities. Mastering the use and knowledge of Heavy armor can nearly change a warrior in a one man army. An imposing image to the eyes of common people, a warrior fully clad in heavy armor inspires fear among bandits, rogues, mages and rebels alike.

--Light Armor: The option for rogues, thieves, barbarians and assassins. While not as protective as the Heavy armor, a fine light armor can still save the life of his owner, the quality of the manufacture, the positive relation between weight and protection, and the almost no restrictions to movement, are the strong points of this type of armor. A master of the use of light armors moves swiftly to receive blows with little to no effect, stalks with low noise, be fast as if he wears nothing, and even have agile movements that refresh his body. Not like the heavy plaques that will cause the wearer to beg for a breath.

Updated:8/07/2012: Added Further differences file, the new file have high values and new bonuses.

*You just need One version of the file for your game. Load after Skyre, or any armor mod.MIne is cleaned and perfectly stable, i use it ALWAYS.:)

******HEAVY ARMOR ***********************************************************************************************
Perks modified:
Well fitted: Is now called Well fitted and accustomed, 35% of bonus to Armor if you are wearing only heavy Armor.
I have some training with heavy armor and maces, when I was exposed to many impacts and blows. It hurt at first but later on not so much, it’s because I’m not surprised anymore, my muscles strengthened and my bones turned to steel.

Cushioned: Now is Cushioned, oiled and waxed, +15% protection against maces and warhammers +15% against frost, 50 % protection against fall damage.
I have to maintain my unique piece of armor and when I practiced with my plated armor I regularly cared about it: put oil to some parts so the cold or the normal use cannot render the piece without movement, apply wax to repel the corrosion effects. Sometimes I do a cushion to my armor as it gave me a better protection against blunt shock trauma and also protects the body in cold climates.

Strengthening: there is no conditioning perk, Reduction is 55% of the weight of your armor, +20 of your total Health, +5% of total carry weight.
As my Master said: When you have lot of weight on your body, all your muscles will grow to be capable of not only walking, running and wielding weapons in heavy armor, but, with time and practice, you become really stronger and even the heaviest burden will become one with your body.
Updated:8/07/2012: Added Further differences file, the new file have high values and new bonuses.


Tower of strength: The name says it all; your back and legs become stronger than most, 60% less stagger and 10% bonus of your total carry weight.

Like a Tower he was standing in front of me. Even the mightiest blows wouldn’t stagger him. For all of us he was a symbol of strength and might as the enemies retreated in fear.

- Now the Unarmed perk adds more damage for the dragon bone gauntlets.
- Ebony armor has the matching set boost as the rest of the heavy armors.
- Now it is impossible for heavy armor wearers to have zero weight, unless you have the steed stone effect active. AND even with the steed active effect you still have a permanent health bonus and extra carrying capacity bonus for the strengthening perk.

*******LIGHT ARMOR*************************************************************************************************
- Unhindered now also grants +20pts of your total stamina
Trusting in my old worn leather armor i learned how to use it. Now I can run through the fields of Skyrim like the Wind.

- deft movement buffed to 15%

- agile defender and custom fit nerved to 90% and to 20% to reflect the difference between heavy and light armor: best light armor cannot be more protective than best heavy armor

Even though i was used to heavy armor, I liked the fact that the speed that a light armor gave me and how it saved me of fights where my heavy armor would have been my sure death.

- matching set nerved to 20%

I was surprised how well my movements got when I bought the matching set. No disturbances, no unprotected areas. I think i will buy sets more often... If i survive.

- wind walker has two levels 50% and 65% of stamina regen, the thieves, assassins and the barbarians wielding two handed weapons will have better use of light armors.

Fast as the wind. Like lightning he jumped from one enemy to the next. Killing them faster as they could scream... A frightening sight that I hope to never see again.

- Fixed the blocking skill, now the max is 50% and I have added the correct values as in vanilla the values for the blocking perk are broken.

My shield is my life how often has it protected from arrows, how often has it blocked the dragons fire, how often has it killed enemies. As my father gave it to me so will i do for my son.

-now all the light armors are affected by the matching set perk, beths developers forgot to include gilded, studded, imperial light and imperial studded.

- added imperial culture active effect for imperials, same boost for coins but added 30% bonus for speech skill to reflect the merchant nature of them.

Ahhh... That's lucky I found some Gold... Lets bargain with the shopkeeper and make some profit.

***Updated:8/07/2012: Added Further differences file, the new file have high values and new bonuses.
Changes in Armored Further differences file:
Heavy Armor
Strengthening: Now +30 of permanent health bonus.
Tower Of Strength:now 70% less stagger.Your chances of Intimidation are 20% more, because you look very strong.
matching set: Now you also have 10% of probability to deflect arrows.
Cushioned Oiled and Waxed: now +25% protection against maces, warhammers and 20% against frost.

Light Armor
Windwalker: now 3 ranks 50%, 65% and 80%.
Unhindered: now +30 of Stamina Bonus.
Agile defender: level 5 grants you with 15% bonus of movement speed.
matching set: 15% of noise reduction in sneaking mode.

if you encounter a bug tell me please!
Only mods that will modify the same perks. But you can try loading my mod after them it may work out then.

Anyone that wants to help me to improve the Grammatik is welcome :)
This is also my first mod to share with the community.

Thanks to HansenBen for the correct translation, he also contributed with lore friendly and cool explanations for the modded skills.

English is not my native language.