Deja Vu - I Already Read It by Sagittarius22
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Added: 18/06/2012 - 09:52PM
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============================ ENGLISH ============================

Version: 1.1
Author: Sagittarius22
Category: Gameplay/Interface
Requirement: Skyrim Script Extender
Description: Whenever you open a new book, it will be flagged as "Already Read".

This mod is bilingual; by default it's in English.

To ttranslate it in French, open the console and type:
set SAGAlreadyReadBooksGlobalLanguage to 1 (FRENCH)
set SAGAlreadyReadBooksGlobalLanguage to 0 (ENGLISH)

or use the optional TXT files and put them in your Skyrim folder, where TESV.exe is, and type:
BAT BookEnglish or BAT BookFrench
Install: Put the files included in the DATA folder, in your Skyrim\DATA folder and check this md with your favorite mod manager!

============================ FRENCH ============================

Version : 1.1
Auteur : Sagittarius22
Rubrique de téléchargement :
Prérequis : Skyrim Script Extender
Description :