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Dovagonian Races Beta
by ElSte17

Note: Please Read Important Information below the Descriptions.

This mod requires the RaceCompatibility.esm --- If you don't already have it, get it here


Fearing that the beautiful creatures of the sky, the Dovah, would forever be misunderstood as terrible beasts to be hunted and slain, Akastosh, the Dragon God of Time, decided to add a new species of humanoid to the Lands of Tamriel in order to act as intermediates between humanoid and Dovah.


The Dovagonians (Dragonians), as can be seen by their lack of special prefix, were the original diplomats created by Akatosh. They are the most cunning of their species and at this point mostly immersed themselves in traditional humanoid life.

Excel in: Speech Racial Spell: Fire Breath


The Vul-Dovagonian (Dark Dragonians) hail from the lands of Morrowind and were created to help their fellow native Dunmer become accustomed to the dragon species. They excel at camouflage and sneaking and mostly keep to the forests.

Excel in: Sneak Racial Spell: Ice Breath

Iiz- Dovagonians:

The Iiz-Dovagonian (Ice Dragonian) are on of the species of Dovagonian native to Skyrim. They are a nomadic species, very small in number, that live in camps and caves high up in the northern mountains. They are known to be quick and have the ability to breathe a lesser form of a true dragon's frost breath. Furthermore, their bodies are coated with a thin layer of ice that acts as additional light armor.

Excel in: Light Armor Racial Spell: Ice Ball Breath


This is a Beta! That means there are still bugs, but for the most part this is a fully functioning Race mod. More races will be added soon (swamp dragonians, boss, ancient, etc).

When choosing your race in the race menu, things might be a bit weird. You cannot customize the dragon's head, you can only choose the race.
2. If you don't like the tint of the body, you can adjust it with the slider, but beware, the default ones probably match the best with the head.
3. Do not edit anything except the body size (set to smallest) and the body tint.

Please report issues with this if you don't see them already listed in the bugs below.

Bad Bugs that I would appreciate help fixing:
hands disappear in first person (but let's be honest, if you are taking the time to use this custom race mod, you probably want to play in third person anyway, so it doesnt matter much).

Known Bugs that can easily be fixed if reported:
Armor/clothing not showing up (invisible)

Other unsolvable issues due to the nature of the mod (custom meshes):
Helmets,hoods, anything on the head will not fit properly on a dragon's head. If you can't cope with not wearing your precious little custom helmet or something, this mod isn't for you. If you try to equip anything on your head, it will not show up, but I believe you will still get the armor rating/effects. Please report if this is true. If you really want to wear a helmet regardless of clipping issues, let me know and I might just let people equip them.

NOTE: This mod IS COMPATIBLE with custom armor. Here's how to enable it:

1. Go into the Creation Kit and open up the DovagonianRaces.esp (set it as the Active File, with Skyrim as the Master File).

2. In the object window, go to items--- armor addons.

3. Scroll down and find the custom armor that you want to use.

4. Double click on the armor and an editing window will open up.

5. On the right side of the window there is an "additional races" box. Look for the Dovagonian races (named DragonianRace, DragonianRace_blue, and DragonianRaceSnow) and click on each of them so that they are highlighted.

6. Click ok, save, and exit. The armors should now be equippable. If you are having trouble ask in the comments section.

IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO LIKES TO COMMENT " Hey, great mod but I'm going to wait until it's better before I download it" spare me the comment, and comeback when the mod is "worthy" of you :)

Please endorse if you like! I have more incentive to work on the mod while it is popular. I will add more races and do my best to fix the bugs, please continue to support my efforts.

This mod might go great with my other mod, Flyable Dragon Races Revamped