Alternate Leveling Scale by Onimass
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Added: 18/06/2012 - 03:39PM
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Last updated at 15:41, 18 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 15:39, 18 Jun 2012

This mod allows the player's character to reach there true peak. Normaly the leveling scale is set as:

Skills start at 15 then race modifiers are applied.
75 max 25min 5carry per level gained 10 hp, stam, or Magicka gained per level up
Making it so your total level is 81-82. Depending on your race.

What My mod does is alter the level scale:

Skills start at 1 then race modifiers are applied
100max 2min 10carry per level gained 25hp, stam, or magicka gained per level up
Making it so your total level is 257+. Depending on race of course.

I should warn that this new level scale makes it so became op on the lower difficulties. I made this after getting bored with the lowest difficulties and deciding to Switch to master.

I should also warn that as your stats all are all low as hell when you start that it can make this tricky for you at the start of the game.

Know as there might be someone that doesnt know how to install this mod I will tell you how.

extract it and copy and paste the Level Up.esp file to your Skyrim/Data folder.