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By: SP

Letting you add your Morrowind and Oblivion music into Skyrim!

6/21/2012: Uploaded video but please excuse the syncing; blame Xfire's encoding.

[SP01] Introduction
[SP02a] Install
[SP02b] Import
[SP03] Options
[SP04] Troubleshooting
[SP05] Change Log
[SP06] Legal/Contact

[SP01]------------------------+ Introduction

I found that Skyrim's music had progressed just like the other titles before. While they all have their own feel some of us may prefer one to another. I found many players thought Morrowind had the best sound track. Others enjoyed Oblivion's sound track as well. With the inclusion of one of Morrowind's sound tracks in Skyrim, I felt why not instead of having only Skyrim's music, we have Skyrim's, Oblivion's, and Morrowind's masterpieces all togethor in one place? That is the aim of Musichaul.

[SP02a]------------------------+ Installation

Nexus Mod Manager:
1. Click Download with Manager
2. Activate Musichaul under Mods
3. Proceed to Import section [SP02b]

1. Click Download Manually
2. Choose a temporary location
3. Extract Musichaul.rar to "Skyrim\Data\"
4. Proceed to Import section [SP02b]

After Importing:
1. Activate "Musichaul.esm"
2. If you imported Morrowind's music, activate "Musichaul - Morrowind.esp"
3. If you imported Oblivion's music, activate "Musichaul - Oblivion.esp"

[SP02b]------------------------+ Import

I will not be supplying any of the tracks needed for this to work because they come from a different game. I do not want any legal problems so you will have to retrieve them from the games yourself. Using both Morrowind and Oblivion is not required. You may use only one if you do not have the other or wish to exclude it.

1. Go to "Morrowind\Data Files\Music" and copy the 3 folders; Battle, Explore, and Special.
2. Paste them in the "skyrim\Data\Music\Morrowind" folder.
3. Use a converter program such as "Freemake Audio Converter" or "Nero" to change them to .wav files.

1. Go to "Oblivion\Data\Music" and copy the 5 folders; Battle, Dungeon, Explore, Public, and Special.
2. Paste them in the "skyrim\Data\Music\Oblivion" folder.
3. Use a converter program such as "Freemake Audio Converter" or "Nero" to change them to .wav files.

Once done go back and follow the "After Importing" sub section of [SP02a] Installation.

+[SP03]-------------------------+ Options

Using the console you may toggle some tracks on and off on the fly. This probably will not stop a track from playing midstream but should prevent it from playing again. Note that the effects may not be instant and may require some time depending on some situations.


Disable Morrowind completely
set SPmoEnabled to 0

Disable Morrowind combat
set SPmoEnabledCombat to 0

Disable Morrowind explore
set SPmoEnabledExplore to 0

Disable Morrowind special
set SPmoEnabledSpecial to 0


Disable Oblivion completely
set SPobEnabled to 0

Disable Oblivion combat
set SPobEnabledCombat to 0

Disable Oblivion dungeon
set SPobEnabledDungeon to 0

Disable Oblivion explore
set SPobEnabledExplore to 0

Disable Oblivion Public
set SPobEnabledPublic to 0

Disable Oblivion special
set SPobEnabledSpecial to 0

[SP04]-------------------------+ Troubleshooting

[Q] I converted the tracks but it seems like they are missing somehow.
[A] Be sure the files weren't renamed other than their extensions. If it was "battle_01.mp3" it should now be "battle_01.wav"

[Q] After I converted the files, there are now two "battle_01" tracks, what do I do?
[A] If the converter made a duplicate and you now have "battle_01.mp3" and "battle_01.wav" the mp3 is not required and may be deleted.

[Q] Won't this break my Morrowind/Oblivion?
[A] Make sure you do NOT move the files from Morrowind or Oblivion's folders, merely copy them. If you don't follow this rule, you can break those games.

[Q] Can I just activate the Morrowind/Oblivion mod and just start playing?
[A] Do not activate the Morrowind mod without importing its music. The same rule goes for Oblivion's music. In time I will add more features allowing this mod to do other things, for now you will get no results without importing the music.

[Q] My game crashes on startup, entering combat, switching zones, or any other time the music would seem to change?
[A1]Make sure you have no other mods editing Music Types.
[A2]Make sure you properly installed this mod (including conversion).
[A3]Did your game already do this before?
[A4]Do you have another mod that could cause this?

[Q] I've double checked everything above and still no luck.
[A] Make sure you left the folder structure intact. Refer to the image section for some help.

[Q] Where is Morrowind's dungeon and public music?
[A] It doesn't have any. You are either exploring or in combat in Morrowind's eyes.

[Q] What does the special music consist of?
[A] The track that plays on the Title, upon Death, and when you Level Up.
-[Q] My title music didn't change...
-[A] I found no way to change this through a plug in. I may find a work around in the future but for now, it's merely a place holder.

[Q] I still hear Skyrim's music! Why?
[A] I added the tracks to the playlists instead of replacing them. In many places there are more Skyrim tracks then the others.
-[Q] But I only wanted Morrowinds/Oblivions...
-[A] This will be an option in a following release. Stay posted.
-[Q] Can you just disable this one song? I hate it so much.
-[A] I have no plans to alter individual songs at the moment. That would be a lot of work for a minor alteration in my opinion. We will see though.

[Q] Can you add this or that track?
[A] Plans for my next release will allow custom music.

[SP05]-------------------------+ Change Log

Version 1.0
+Initial Release

[SP06]-------------------------+ Legal/Contact

I do not own or am claiming credit to the tracks of Morrowing, Oblivion, or Skyrim alike. I will not be providing these files under any circumstances. Do not ask, you will be ignored. Acquire them yourself through purchasing the game or reinstalling your old copy.

In regards to improving, building, and or redistributing please do not without talking to me before doing so.

Please leave comments on likes and dislikes of this mod so that I can know where and how I can improve this mod or make my future versions better.

Contact me at
PM = bigkid7834 = Skyrim Nexus