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Added: 18/06/2012 - 12:26AM
Updated: 18/06/2012 - 05:12AM

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Last updated at 5:12, 18 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 0:26, 18 Jun 2012

I'm getting pretty good at creating ENB's, so I decided to go with something more rural and rustic this time around- you may have seen my previous rustic config but i felt it was very unpolished- so here I am with a very well polished rustic config. You will not be blinded by lights, and the light rays will surely beckon to your senses. :) The config comes in two flavors, no SSAO (performance) and with SSAO (More depth to shadows but less performance.) If you like and enjoy this config, leave a comment and endorse! :)

So now the long haul!!

This is a very nice config that adds to skyrim's atmosphere in a unique and semi-realistic way. (Some aspects are realistic while others are not. Depends on how you look at it as well.) Nights appear dark, while daytime appears bright and welcoming. An opposite of my previous ENB configs where they created a cold and surreal atmosphere.

This is not a super bright surreal config that totally mutilate's skyrim's color scheme. The color scheme remains partially the same while still adding to the current to create a nice rural/rustic look that will appeal to a nice variety of people. The game is totally playable with this config.

Just drop the contents of the RAR in your root directory, if you got a current skyrim ENB config, back it up. If you don't have software to open RAR files go grab winrar from here.


After you install those contents, go to boris vorontsov's website and get the ENBinjector.exe. It can be found here. Drop this into your root directory as well.


Just delete everything that came with the mod.

---HOW TO USE---
Install this config as described, then run the ENBinjetor.exe before running skyrim. Then run skyrim to get it to work.

You may ask "Why is it so dark?!" Or "Why is it so bright?!?!" Please note our monitor levels differ, so adjust the brightness ingame to your liking. HOWEVER a darker atmosphere is a part of this mod, so do not be confused. It may or may not be difficult to tell the difference from the depth and the actual brightness. Look at the video for a good reference to gamma!

More Rain- This config was designed around it, so consider grabbing it! (Not Requried)
More Snow- This config was designed around it, so consider grabbing it! (Not Required)
Better Females By Bella- Was used in the making of the screen shots! (Not Required)
Skyrim HD 2k Textures- If you got enough Vram (1gb) go for it! (Not Required)