Giants Are People Too by LazyAltmer
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Isn't sad to have to kill a giant to fulfill a bounty quest? Can't we all just get along with giants!?

This mod modifies the bounty quests from requiring killing a giant to merely subduing it (i.e., knocking it to its knees) by decreasing its health below 20%, similar to a brawl.

NOTE 1: You can still accidentally kill the giant, so be careful!
NOTE 2: The giant will not acquiesce, so once you knock it to its knees, you still need to run away quickly to exit combat!!

See "Latest Version" link above.

Download and activate with NMM.
(If you choose to install manually, make sure the pex script get installed correctly.)

Deactivate with NMM.

1) Modifies the BQ03 Giant Bounty Quests script to allow an "OnEnterBleedout" condition to advance the quest, in addition to the existing "OnDeath" condition.
2) Modifies the Bleedout for this new class associated with giants from 10% to 20% of health, for more leeway in damage.
3) Modifies the various quest-related text entries to replace "slay" or "kill" with the word "subdue".

No known incompatibilities.

Ideally, I would have liked to have the ability to bring the giant a sacrificial cow to satisfy the quest, like the farmer does. But since I am lazy, I may or may not ever get around to that. :)

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