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Soul Food
A Mod by: Rifli


"Cheese, for everyone!"
-Sheogorath, on his Soul Food.

This mod adds 6 new types of Soul Food to Skyrim. Each one is placed in leveled list, so they can be found were you would expect to find any other soul gem. They are sold by vendors, found in loot, and anywhere else a soul gem would be found (except the magic soul gem traps). Each food is equivalent to a standard soul gem (i.e. soul tomato=grand soul gem), and no two Soul Foods are the same food type. They work just like standard soul gems. I've also included a replacer version to replace the normal soul gems, in case you are worried about minor leveled list conflicts. There is also an optional file that adds a single soul tomato, near where Sheogorath's quest is located. This version doesn't add any of the other Soul Foods, and the leveled lists are not touched. Just a little bit of nostalgia for the Shivering Isles.

Soul Cabbage=Black Soul Gem
Soul Tomato=Grand Soul Gem
Soul Potato=Greater Soul Gem
Soul Cheese=Common Soul Gem
Soul Apple=Lesser Soul Gem
Soul Bread=Petty Soul Gem

Note: All files can be used at the same time, though there is not really a point in using both the replacer and leveled list version at the same time, as all the gems and Soul Food will look the same.

Constructive feedback, complements, and suggestions are all appreciated.

Current Features

-Brand new fully functioning Soul Food.
-Soul Food added to leveled lists.
-Replacer version, to replace standard soul gems.
-A different food for each gem type.


None known so far in the newest version.

Please report any and all bugs to me over comments or PM's.


Simply download the file and extract the ESP into the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data" (without quotes) or your corresponding folder.


Simply delete the ESP from your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data" (without quotes) or your corresponding folder.


-Any mod that changes the model of soul gems, in the case of the replacer version.
-Small conflict possibility with other mods that change leveled lists. (I personally use many mods with leveled list changes, and nothing bad has happened. You're just less likely to see any individual item, as there are more.)


Bethesda- For the Creation Kit, Skyrim, and the basic idea. (Soul Tomato?)
The Nexus Community- For being generous and helpful.
Latteraliss- Who's tutorials started me modding in the first place.
Me- For making the ESP.

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