Riverwood - Abandoned Home by Magister Tremere
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Riverwood - Abandoned House (Updated: See suggested reinstallation instructions below.)
Creator: Magister Tremere

This is my first attempt at modding in an effort to give back to the community.

This mod provides a player home in Riverwood, that is simple and functional. There is no quest attached to it, but the player will have to make some small effort to claim it. [Hint: Check by the front door to know what you need to do.] Likewise, there are no unique items or meshes included. This home provides:

* Storage Containers... and lots of them.
* Enchanting Altar
* Alchemy Table
* Tanning Rack
* Crafting Table
* Sharpening Stone
* Akatosh Shrine
* Talos Shrine
* Mara Shrine

You will not find any hanging plants or animals for consumption or otherwise in the house. For all intents and purposes, the house was lived in until recently, but has since been cleaned up.

The house can be found quite easily as it's in a spot where nothing was. Behind the Sleeping Giant Inn.

All storage items have been checked and are safe. *See KNOWN ISSUES.*

I have used this mod in game and from what I've seen it is 99.9% companion friendly. I'm currently using the UFO mod ( and when giving my companions the "Relax for a while" command, they do move around and use items in the house (ie: Enchanting Altar, Cooking Pot, Alchemy Station, chairs, etc). However, they won't go upstairs or use the beds. If there is a fix for this, I have yet to find it, so if anyone else does, please share this with me and the community. For the record, I have checked the navmesh and finalized it to my satisfaction.

> Slight pathing issues with companions inside the house and on the balcony.
> The storage items by the Crafting Table did respawn, but no previously stored items were lost.
> Consider the barrels outside the front door *UNSAFE FOR STORAGE*.
> You can fast travel directly to the house, but the icon for the map marker doesn't display. Only the name of the house.

> Yes... With any mod that places things in the same area.

> Feel free to use my mod as you see fit. All I ask is that you give me a shout out for providing it. :^)

* The following mods will help add to your experience with my mod:

> Long Lost Smelters of Skyrim:
* Adds a smelter to the Riverwood Blacksmith area and other locations in Skyrim that didn't have
* one. A must have for those who like smithing and crafting their own weapons and armor.

> Vals Crafting Meltdown Alpha - Melting Smelting and Fletchin:
* Allows you to melt down weapons, armor, jewelry and miscellaneous items like tankards and
* wooden plates to create raw materials to (re)use as crafting material.
* Again... A must have for the "do it yourself" blacksmiths out there.

> I've made some cosmetic changes to this mod. They are:
> Weapon plaques
> Shrine of Akatosh
> Additional storage containers in sleeping area

These are suggested instruction, so use or ignore them at your own risk.
1. Remove all items from all containers (inside and out).
2. Create a new save and exit the game.
3. Deactivate/uninstall the mod.
4. Install/Activate.
5. Return to game and enjoy.

* Note: Some items have been moved, so I'm not sure how that will affect your stored items. This is why I suggest removing everything from the house. Also, the books that were stored in the cupboard were not meant to be there and have been removed from the update, but I will keep the version with the books available for those who want them. Keep in mind that these are not skill books. They're just reading material for your Skyrim edification. ;^)